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Board of Directors


  • Frederick Chien
    Fredrick F. Chien


    Former President, Control Yuan

  • Ping Wang
    Ping Wang

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    Seigle Family Distinguished Professor of Washington University in St. Louis

  • Cher Wang
    Hsiueh-hong Wang

    Co-founder and Chairperson of HTC Corporation

  • Der-Wei Wang
    David Der-Wei Wang

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    Edward C. Henderson Professor of Chinese Literature Harvard University

  • Shou-chien Shih
    Shou-chien Shih

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    Former Director of National Palace Museum

  • Yun-han Chu
    Yun-han Chu

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    President, Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

  • Pauline Yu
    Pauline Yu

    Former President of American Council of Learned Societies

  • CY Soong
    James C.Y. Soong

    Chairman, People First Party

    Former Governor of Taiwan Province

  • Ambrose King
    Ambrose King

    Academician, Academia Sinica

  • William C. Kirby
    William C. Kirby

    T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University

    Chairman of the Harvard China Fund

  • Douglas Hsu
    Douglas Hsu

    Chairman, Far Eastern Group

  • Yueh-sheng Weng
    Yueh-sheng Weng

    Former President, Judicial Yuan

  • Ying-mao Kao
    Ying-mao Kau

    Former Representative, Taipei Representative Office in the European Union

    Professor Emeritus, Brown University

  • Morris Chang
    Morris Chang

    Former Chairman, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

  • Chan Lien
    Chan Lien

    Former Vice President of the R.O.C.

    Honorary Chairman of the KMT

  • Wei-fan Kuo
    Wei-fan Kuo

    Former Minister of Education

  • Ovid Tzeng
    Ovid J.L. Tzeng

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    Former Minister of Education

  • Chin-shing Huang
    Chin-shing Huang

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    Vice-President, Academia Sinica

  • James C. Liao
    James C. Liao

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    President, Academia Sinica

  • Mon-chi Lio
    Mon-chi Lio

    Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education

  • Lawrence Lau
    Lawrence Lau

    Academician, Academia Sinica

    Former President and Vice-Chancellor of Chinese University of Hong Kong

(Supervisory Board members)

  • Fei-nan Peng
    Fai-nan Perng

    Former Governor of the Central Bank of China

  • In-Jaw Lai
    In-Jaw Lai

    Former President, Judicial Yuan

  • Hao-min Lai
    Hao-min Lai

    Former President, Judicial Yuan