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Regional Committees

The Foundation has established five regional review committees for the Domestic Region, American Region, European Region, Asia-Pacific Region, and Developing Regions. The members of these committees, who serve at the invitation of the President for three-year terms, bring the expertise of scholars from a wide range of academic fields to assist the Foundation in evaluating grant applications from each of its regions, as well as making suggestions on how to improve the Foundation’s programs. Each committee meeting is chaired by the President. Review committees make final decisions as to which grants are approved and at what level of funding, but all decisions must be confirmed by the Board of Directors. While committee members receive no remuneration, they are granted honorariums for the applications they review and stipends to cover travel costs.

A total of 52 scholars serve on the Foundation’s review committees, including 14 for the Domestic Region and the Asia-Pacific Region, 18 for the American Region, 13 for the European Region, and 7 for Developing Regions.