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Grant Recipients, 2002-2003

Grant Recipients, 2002-2003


Recipients in the Domestic Region

A. Research Grants

1. James Meyers

National Chung Cheng University
The Parameters of Compound Processing

B. Database Grants

1. Chifu Li

Chung Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Buddhist Digital Database- The Study and Creation of a Multi-lingual Version of the Lotus Sutra

2. Hsiao-Yen Peng

Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica
Anthology of Taiwan Literature: Collection and Compilation of Research Materials Project Abstract

3. Kuo-liang Wang

National Taipei University
A Project on Collection and Research of Literature in Chinese Records by Chinese and Korean Sojourners


Recipients in the American Region

A. Research Grants

1. John Aldrich

Duke University
Support for Democratic Values with Controlled or Open Access to Media

2. Jean DeBernardi

University of Alberta
Remaking Daoist Practice in Transnational Networks: Religious and Cultural Pilgrimages to Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province, PRC

3. Jin Li

Brown University
Beliefs about Learning among Children and Parents in Taiwan, China, and the U.S.

4. Nan Lin

Duke University
Social Capital: Social Networks, Civic Engagement, and Trust

5. Michael Nylan

University of California/Berkeley
Rethinking the Chinese Past through the Wu Family Shrines

B. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Stephen Haggard

University of California/San Diego
The Asian Welfare State in Comparative Perspective

2. Wilt Idema

Harvard University
Taiwan Studies Workshop

3. Lynn Struve

Indiana University
Memory Links: To Self, Culture, and Country in China

4. Chunchi Wang

Rutgers University
The 9th Annual North American Taiwan Studies Conference: Changes, Continuity and Contestations in Taiwanese Society

5. T. Y. Wang

Illinois State University
Elections and Democratization in Taiwan: A Comparative Perspective

6. Suisheng Zhao

University of Denver
International Symposium: Taiwan, China, and the U. S. in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges for the 21st Century

7. Yang Zhong

Association of Chinese Political Studies
The Fourth Generation of Chinese Leadership and Building a New Political Order in China

C. Publication Subsidies

1. American Association for Chinese Studies

Thomas Bellows
Three-Year Publication Subsidy for the American Journal of Chinese Studies

2. Columbia University Press

Jennifer Crewe
Critical Perspectives on Chinese Literature: Essays from Three Decades by C.T. Hsia

3. Columbia University Press

Jennifer Crewe
Zhu Xi's Reading of the Analects: Canon, Commentary, and the Classical Tradition by Daniel K. Gardner

4. Columbia University Press

Jennifer Crewe
Historical Records of the Five Dynasties by Ouyang Xiu, translated by Richard L. Davis

5. Direccion Biblioteca

Luis Marcelo
Chile y China:Inmigracion y Relaciones Bilaterales 1845-1970 by Mr. Lin CHOU

6. Oxford University Press

A New History of the Silk Roads by Valerie Hansen

7. Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

A Companion to Angus C. Graham's Chuang-tzu

8. Stanford University Press

Muriel Bell
Culturing Modernity: The Nantong Model, 1890-1930, by Qin Shao

9. University of British Columbia Press

Emily Andrew
Obedient Autonomy: Chinese Intellectuals and the Achievement of Orderly Life, by Erika Evasdottir

10. University of British Columbia Press

Emily Andrews
Gutenberg in Shanghai: Chinese Print Capitalism, 1876-1937, by Christopher A Reed

11. University of Hawaii Press

Frank Stewart
Identity, Multiplicity, and Synthesis in Contemporary Taiwanese Poetry edited by Frank Stewart, Michelle Yeh, and Arthur Sze

D. Travel Grants

1. Peter Chow

City University of New York
The Impacts of China and Taiwan's WTO Accessions on the East Asian Economy

2. Zhichu Jing

University of British Columbia
Settlement Systems within a Dynamic Environment: Regional Archaeological Survey in the Core Territory of the Late Shang State

3. Eugenia Lean

Columbia University
Gendering Sensation: Mass Media, Melodrama, and the Rise of a Sympathetic Public in 1930s China

4. Feng Li

Columbia University

5. Yang Sun

Gettysburg College

E. Scholar Grants

1. Liangyan Ge

University of Notre Dame
Out of the Examination Hall: A Chinese Way of Making Fiction

2. Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia

Pennsylvania State University
Literati Spirituality and Jesuit Learning in Late Ming China

3. Chang-Tai Hsieh

Princeton University
The Impact of Outsourcing to China on Taiwan and Hong-Kong

4. Yang Lu

Princeton University
Learning, Monastic Network, and the Formation of Medieval Chinese Buddhist Scholasticism

5. Tracy Miller

Vanderbilt University
Architecture and Identity at Jinci: A Case Study in Chinese Temple Culture

6. Michael Puett

Harvard University
Emperors, Millenarians, and Priests: Religion and Politics in Chinese Late Antiquity

7. Tansen Sen

City University of New York
Trading Nations: The Social, Cultural, and Global Implications of Sino-Indian Trade, 1300-1500

8. Shu-mei Shih

University of California/Los Angeles
Farewell China: Transnational Negotiations of Chineseness in Literature, Cinema, and Art at the Fin-de-Siecle

9. Hooi Ling Soh

University of Minnesota/Twin Cities
Aspect and Verb Position in three Chinese Dialects: Implications for Linguistic Theory

10. Alan Wachman

Tufts University
Why Taiwan? Territory, Sovereignty, and National Identity in PRC Policy Regarding Unification”

11. Jing Wang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advertising Culture in Post-Mao China: History and Institutional Practices

F. Walter Judd Grant

1. The-Kuang Chang

Ball State University
A Research Trip to Taipei and Washington, D.C. to Collect Original Sources for the Project on Tuva and its Relations with China, Mongolia, Russia and the U.S.A.

G. Visiting Scholar Fellowships

1. University of Cincinnati

Man Bun Kwan
The Urbanization and Sub-urbanization of Tientsin, 1845-1990: A Historical GIS Analysis

2. University of Washington

Bu Huang
Visiting Scholarship Application

H. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Te-fang Debbie Hua

University of Hawaii/Manoa
The Acquisition of English Speech Rhythm by Adult Chinese EFL and ESL Learners

2. Grace Huang

University of Chicago
An Interpretive Study of Jiang Jieshi's Leadership Agency, Structure, and Concepts of Self from Jiang's "Diary" Manuscripts in the Nanjing Era

3. Jeffery Martin

University of Chicago
Regulating the Peace in a Time of Change--Policing in Post-Authoritarian Taiwan

4. Georgia Mickey

Columbia University
Bringing Politics Back in: The Bank of China and its Shareholders, 1912-1922

5. Micah Muscolino

Harvard University
An Economic and Social History of Fisheries in Modern China: The Zhoushan Archipelago, 1905-1949

6. Tina Phillips

University of Pittsburgh
Building the Nation Through Women's Health: Western Obstetrics and Gynecology in Twentieth-Century China

7. Carsten Vala

University of California/Berkeley
Autonomy and Resistance to Chinese State Control of Religious Practices

I. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Lingchei Letty Chen

Washington University
Globalizing the Self: Writing China, Cultural Authenticity, and Hybridity

2. David Cohen

Boston University
The Investigations into Early Shang Civilization Project

3. Chin Lung Yang

University of Pittsburgh
The Cognitive Mechanisms of Linguistic Complexity in Comprehending Chinese Sentences-An Interdisciplinary Study

J. CCK Fellowships Administered by the Canadian Association for Asian Studies

1. Mei Yao Chen

University of British Columbia, Dissertation fellowship
Gender, Race and Nation in Modern Taiwanese and Japanese Literature by Women: A Comparative Study

2. Yon Hsu

Concordia University, Postdoctoral fellowship
The Link between Cities in the Global Economy: A Three Way Study of Taipei's and Montreal's Relations to Shanghai

3. Jia Li

University of Toronto, Dissertation fellowship
The Planned Transmission of the Concept and Methodology of Teaching and Learning English from the Chinese to North American Context

4. Jinghao Sun

University of Toronto, Dissertation fellowship
The Southern Identity of a Northern City the Making of Late Imperial Jining

5. Ni Zhu

University of Toronto, Dissertation fellowship
The Image of Modernity: Form, Formality and Formalism in the Making of Chinese Contract Law

K. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Eric Chia-che Chang

University of California/Los Angeles
Electoral Uncertainty, Political Institutions, and Fiscal Policy

2. Fengbin Chang

University of Chicago
Gender Differences in Becoming Self-employed in Taiwan and Korea

3. Shiu-Sheng Chen

University of Wisconsin/Madison
Three Essays on Monetary Economics

4. Shu-chen Chen

University of Virginia
Comparison of the Aspect of Self-power Versus Other-power in Tibetan and Chinese Pure Land Practices and their Current Manifestations in Taiwan, the Republic of China

5. Yeong-shyang Chen

The Diachronic Relationships of Production and Consumption in Jerez's Wine Industry

6. Chien-Chih Chi

An Analysis of the Problem of the Irreducibility of the Mind

7. Ta-wei Chi

University of California/LosAngeles
Libidinal Spectrum: Chinese Fiction and Homosexuality in the Twentieth Century

8. Yu-chan Chiu

Johns Hopkins University
Framing Doctors: The Images of Doctors in News Media in Taiwan From 1993 to 2002

9. San-hui Chuang

University of Southern California
Role of Task-Specific Response of Knowledge Feedback on a Computer-Based Collaborative Problem Solving Task

10. Li-chun Hsiao

The Indivisible Globe, the Indissoluble Nation: University, Postcoloniality, and the Formation of National Literature

11. Shih-hsin Huang

Catholic University of America
A Comparative Study of Classical Vocal Training in Taiwan and the United States

12. Ming-sung Kuo

Yale University
Law and Boundary: Dilemmas of Citizenship in the Global Age

13. Da-Jung Li

Tufts University
To Buy or Not to Buy: Arms Acquisitions and Strategic Concerns in Taiwan (1979-2001)

14. Shih-tse Lo

University of California at Los Angeles
Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights - A Case Study on Taiwanese Patent Reform

15. Ching-ping Shao

University of California/Berkeley
Transformation, Interaction and Conflict between Law and Norm - The Legal Reform of Corporate Governance in Taiwan

16. Yin-Hsing Tseng

Illinois State University
A Comparison Between Egan's Problem Management Approach and Chiu's Problem-solving Approach at the Teacher Chang Counseling Centers in Taiwan

17. Ching-sze Wang

Indiana University
John Dewey in China, 1919-21

18. Shi-pu Wang

University of California/Santa Barbara
Swinging on Hyphenation: Problematics of the Construct of Identity in Asian American Art

19. Ching-Huei Teresa Wu

McGill University
Phrase Structure of Complex Verb Phrase


Recipients in the European Region

A. Research Grants

1. Bernard Formoso

University of Paris X-Nanterre
The Study of shan tang (善堂) in China, and Among Overseas' Chinese

2. Lothar Ledderose

University of Heidelberg
The Great Sutra Carving Enterprise at Yungjusi

3. Klara Meszaros

Eotvos Lorand University
Materials Related to the Republic of China in Hungarian

4. Hartmut Rudolph

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Humanities and Sciences
Compilation, Annotation and Publication of Leibniz's Novissima Sinica (1697,1699)

5. Guido Samarani

Ca' Foscari University in Venice
A Controversial Friendship. Nationalist China and Italy, 1928-1947

B. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Jorgen Delman

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies New Chinese Migrants--Globalization of Chinese Overseas Migration

2. Bart Dessein

Ghent University
Approaches to Classification of Sinitic Languages

3. Eric Trombert

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Sogdians in China New Research in History, Archaeology and Philology

C. Publication Subventions

1. Marc Kalinowski

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
Divination Science, and Society in Medieval China

2. Olf Lehmann

Leipzig University
On the Moral-Metaphsical Foundation of a Confucian Modernity by Mou Tsung-san

3. Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Creating and Representing Sacred Spaces

4. Ralf Moritz

Leipzig University
The Great Learning: a New German Translation and a New Interpretation
Leipzig University

5. Lucie Olivova

Charles University
Anthology and Annotated Translation of Zibuyu

6. O. A. Westad

London School of Economics and Political Science
The Great Transition: China's Road from Revolution to Reform

D. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Sebastien Billioud

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
The Mind at the Juncture between its Intellectual and Moral Aspects: The Role of the Intellectual Intuition in the Thought of Mou Zongsan (1909-1995)

2. Machael Martin Day

Leiden University
Avant-garde Poetry in China: Sichuan Province, 1982-1994

3. Yangdon Dhondup

University of London
Writing from the Margin: Culture, Identity and the Invention of a Literary Space in Tibet

4. Cristiana Turini

University of Rome La sapienza
The Ordering of Experience through Local Epistemology: Illness, Healing, and Society among the Naxi People of Southwest China

E. ROC Dissertation Fellowships

1. Chiung-ting Chang

University of York
Flooding, Environmental Health and Economy --in a Regional Dynamic General Equilibrium Model

2. Mei-hua Chen

University of York
Deconstructing the Dichotomy of SexualVictims and Sexual Agents--An Empirical Research of Taiwanese Female Prostitutes

3. Wei-hsian Chi

University of Bielefeld
The Constituting Process and the Development of the Religious Field in Taiwan

4. Mei-fang Fan

Lancaster University
Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Justice in Taiwan

5. Chin-fu Hung

University of Warwick
Politics and Public Opinion in China: The Impact of the Internet, 1993-2003

6. Ching-yi Kao

University of London
Help-Seeking Behaviors for Problem Drinking in Indigenous Taiwanese

7. Yu-ching Kuo

University College London
Cochlear Implants in a Tone Language--Mandarin Chinese

8. Miaw-chwen Lee

University of York
Physician Response to the Global Budget: The Theoretical and Empirical Analysis in the Economics of Taiwanese National Health Insurance

9. Wen-ching Liang

University of London
The Chinese Shakespeare and the Alternate: Politics and Power in Intercultural Performances

10. Yu-ting Shao

Oxford University
Literati Culture and Ritual: A Study of the Chiang-nan Intellectual Circle in Eighteenth Century China

11. Ying-fang Tsai

University of Warwick
Legal Changes, Retirement Income Resources and Old-age Income Insecueity in Taiwan: From 1949-2002

12. Yi-ling Wu

University of Essex
The Social Construction of the Policy of Occupational Disease: Case Studies in Taiwan

F. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Caroline Bodolec

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Building Handicraft in China: Technical Knowledge and Transmissions of Techniques between Civil Engineering and Popular Constructions (Late Imperial and Contemporary Periods)

2. Valentina Georgieva

Leiden University
Unifying the Qi in the Shang qing huangshu guo du yi: A Discourse on Sex and Gender in Taoism

3. Luisa Elena Mongoni

University College London
Along the Border: Contested Identities in South-West China

4. Paolo De Troia

University of Rome La Sapienza
The Creation of the West in China: The Zhifang Waiji of Aleni

G. Special Projects

1. British Library

International Dunhuang Project

2. Charles University

CCK-ISC Annual Budget

3. Universite Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3

Angel Pino
French Translation series of Chinese Fiction Published in Taiwan


Recipients in the Asia-Pacific Region

A. Research Grants

1. Darrell W. Davis

University of New South Wales
Treasure Island: Taiwan Film Directors

2. David Ip

University of Queensland
Transnationalism and Taiwanese Young People in Australia

3. Incho Jun

Yonsei University
Cataloging Korean Collection of Traditional Chinese Script Books

4. Wai-yin Leung

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Communication Campaign that Changes Chinese Traditional Values: The Case of Body Donation Phenomenon in Taiwan

5. David Schak

Griffith University
Constructing a Public Sphere in Taiwan: The Contributions of Foguangshan and Ciji to the Establishment of Civil Society in Taiwan

6. Jeremy E. Taylor

Australian National University
From the Yellow Emperor to Koxinga: "Founding Fathers" and Popular Historiography in Taiwan

B. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Adelaide University

John Makeham
Workshop on Nativist (bentuhua 本土化) Discourse in Contemporary Taiwan

2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tan Chee Beng
Soybeans and Soy Foods in the Global Market Place

3. University of Auckland

Nicholas Tarling
From Miracle to Crisis and Beyond: Governance, Institutions and Anti-Corruption in Asia

C. Publication Subsidies

1. Australian National University

Peter Bellwood
Indo-Pacific Prehistory: The Taipei Papers

2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Eva Hung
A Silver Treasury of Chinese Lyrics

D. Senior Scholar Grants

1. Karl A. Adelaar

University of Melbourne
A Grammar and Lexicon of Siraya, an Extinct Formosan Language