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Grant Recipients, 1996-1997

Grant Recipients, 1996-1997


Recipients in the Domestic Region

A. Research Grants

1. Chao-liang Chang

National Taiwan University
Sociocultural Factors Affecting Food Production in China

2. Liang-shu Cheng

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Development of Chinese Education in Malaysia

3. Jong-Fu Chong

National Kaoshung Normal University
Acoustic Studies of Nasalization of Southern Min in Taiwan

4. Han-kuang Mao

National Chung-cheng University
Joint Research Program of the Chinese Inscriptions in the Institution of Han-nom

5. Sung Joon Roh

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Financing the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Shpere

B. Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars

1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hsuan Chih Chen
2nd Conference for Chinese Psychologists

2. Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica

Cheng-kuang Hsu
Imagine China: Regional Division and National Identity

C. Database Grants

1. Mei-yi Lin

Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica
Collection on Tzu Peotry of Ching Dynasty

2. Ching-lung Tsai

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica
The Setting Up of Taiwanese Migration Research Network and Its Involvement in the Asia-Pacific Network

D. Publication Subventions

1. Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

Meng-houng Lin
Asia Population History

2. Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Tsui-lung Liu
Asian Population History


Recipients in the American Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Association for Asian Studies

Joanna F. H. Smith
Promotion of Scholarly Contact, Networks,Research, and Collaboration in Chinese Studies

2. New York University

Harry Harootunian
Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese History

3. University of Alberta

Earle H. Waugh
Chinese Literature and Culture,University of Alberta

4. University of Colorado at Denver

Howard Goldblatt
Traditional Culture and China's Historical Path in the Twentieth Century

5. University of Pittsburgh

Peter Xinping Zhou
China Information Center at the University ofPittsburgh: A Digital Information Arcade for theStudy of China

6. Woodrow Wilson Center

Warren I. Cohen
Great China Lecture/Seminar Series, $1997-1999

B. Research Grants

1. Thomas J. Bellows

University of Texas at San Antonio
The Legislative Yuan: Organization and Functionsin a Democrative Polity

2. Tun-jen Cheng

College of William and Mary
Policymaking in a New Democracy: Applying the PBCTheory to the Case of ROC

3. John F. Copper

Rhodes College
Politics in Taiwan: The Political System andPolitical Development in the Republicof China in Comparative Perspective

4. Lowell Dittmer

University of California at Berkeley
The Logic of Taiwan Security Since the Cold War

5. William K. Gabrenya

Florida Institute of Technology
Modernization, Social Class, and the Role ofthe Family in Contemporary Taiwan:A Longitudinal Study

6. Gregory E. Guldin

Pacific Lutheran University
Rethinking "Han": Ethnicity an Regional Identityin Guangdong

7. James K. Hammitt

Harvard University
Coinge Valuation of Health Risk: A U.S.-TaiwanComparison

8. Charles B. Jones

Catholic University of America
Ven. Yinguang (1861-1947) and the Revival of PureLand Buddhism

9. Nan Lin

Duke University
Social Capital and Status Attainment: AComparative Analysis of Taiwan and Mainland China

10. Katheryn M. Linduff

University of Pittsburgh
Regional Lifeways and Cultural Remains inthe Northern Corridor: A Proposal for Sino-American Archaeological Cooperation

11. Sharon Lockwood

American University
Taiwan's Potential as an Asia-PacificRegional Financial Center:Prospects, Problems, and Proposed Solutions

12. Shu-mei Shih

University of California at Los Angeles
The National and the Transnational: ContemporaryCultural Production in Taiwan

13. Patricia Sieber

Ohio State University
Power, Culture, Texts: Literati Values, Theoriesof Drama and the Book Market in the 16th and 17th Century China

14. Stephen C. Thomas

University of Colorado at Denver
The Imperial Exam and Its World Influence

15. Hongming Zhang

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Nature of Phonology-Snytax Interface-Argumentationfrom Tone Sandhi in Chinese Languages

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Cynthia Brokaw

University of Oregon
Publishing and Book Culture in Late Imperial andEarly Modern China

2. The-kuang Chang

Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies
To hold the 11th International Roundtable Conferenceon "Unification of China and the Regional Security and World Force" in Seoul, Korea in 1997

3. Lee-Jay Cho

East-West Center
International Planning Seminar for the ComparativeStudy and Revision of History Textbooks in EastAsia

4. Hajimi Hoji

University of Southern California
Features, Functional Words and Parameters:an International Symposium on East AsianLinguistics at the Univ. of Southern California

5. Eli Noam

Columbia University
Cyberconferences and International Event onTelecommunications in the Asia-Pacific Region

6. Adriana Proser

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Symposium --- Ch'ing Ceramics:Acquisition and Transformation

D. Publication Subsidies

1. A-R Editions, Inc.

Paul Corneils on Celestial Airs of Antiquity

2. Cambridge University Press

Jennifer Crewe
Confucianism and Human Rights, edited by WilliamTheodore de Bary and Tu Wei-ming

3. Cambridge University Press

Beatrice Rehl
Shitao, His Late Life and ArtTropologies of Modernity in Chinese Painting around 1700, by Jonathan Hay

4. Columbia University Press

Elizabeth Neal
English Translation of Prostitution and Sexualityin Shanghai 1849-1947 by Christian Henriot

5. University of British Columbia Press

Jean L. Wilson
Red Capitalism in South China

6. University of Minnesota

Mei-Ling Hsu
Population of Taiwan: Distribution and Socioeconomic Characteristics

E. Senior Scholar Grants

1. W. South Coblin

University of Iowa
A Study of the "Vocabulario de la Lengua Manadarin”(Glossary of the Mandarin Language)of Francisco Varo (1627-1687)

2. David Johnson

University of California at Berkeley
The Great Temple Festivals (Sai) of SoutheasternShansi in Late Imperial Times

3. Thomas H.C. Lee

Social Justice in Traditional China, a Preliminary Study

4. Michelle Yeh

University of California at Davis
Transculturation: Cultural Identity and Modern Chinese Poetry

F. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Irene S. Leung

University of Michigan
Transforming the Archetype of Cai Wenji: Representations of a "Barbarian" Captivity in Twelfth-Century China

2. Andrew D. Marble

Brown University
The Shifting Locus of Authority in Post-Mao China and Its Impacton China's Security and Foreign Trade Policies

3. Elizabeth Anne Morrison

Stanford University
Ch'an Buddhist Lineage in the Early Sung Dynasty: Ch'i-sung and the "Ch'uan-fa cheng-tsung lun"

4. Marc L. Moskowitz

University of California at San Diego
The Haunting Fetus: Women, Abortion and the Spirit World in Taiwan

5. Craig Quintero

Northwestern University
Taiwanese Avant-garde Theatre: The Metamorphosis of Tradition

6. Anne H. Reinhardt

Princeton University
Steamships on the Yangzi: Technology and Transformation in China 1860-1911

7. Benjamin Chung-piing Tsai

University of Chicago
From Local Education to National Politics: Tao Xingzhi and Liberal Reforms in Republican China

G. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Stanley Kenji Abe

Duke University
Ordinary Images: Four Case Studies in EarlyChinese Buddhist and Daoist Art

2. Stephen C. Angle

Wesleyan University
Rights Across Cultures: Chinese Human Rights Discourse in Comparative Perspective

3. Joshua A. Fogel

University of California at Santa Barbara
Late-Imperial Chinese Discourses on Japan:Transcultural Hermaneutics

4. Jonathan Hay

New York University
The Stakes of Eccentricity: Art and Self-Determinationin Eighteenth Century China

5. Shelley Rigger

Davidson College
Politics in Taiwan: Voting for Reform

6. Shawn Shih-hung Shieh

Marist College
The Entrepreneurial State: Local Governments, Property Rights and Chinese Transition from Socialism

H. CCK Fellowships Administered by the Canadian Association for Asian Studies

1. Michael Stainton

York University
Dissertation Fellowship
Social Memory, Cultural Capital, and Local Politics in Aboriginal Taiwan

2. Mei Wu

Concordia University
Dissertation Fellowship
Negotiating a Community Space in the State Media: The Development of Community Cable Television in Tianjin, A Case Study of Communication and Democracy in China

3. Yunqiu Zhang

University of Toronto
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Foreign Business and Chiness Labor Movement 1927-1996

I. Walter Judd Grant

1. John Israel

University of Virginia
The "Fifty-five Educated Youth": A CollectivePortrait of China's Sixties Generation

J. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Li-mei Chang

Wayne State University
Hong Kong Cinema and National Identity

2. Duan-rung Chen

Columbia University
Network Dynamics of Disease Transmission: A Study of the Relevance of Social Networks for HIV/STDs Transmission

3. Hsi-yuan Chen

Harvard University
The Making of a Chinese Religion--How Chinese Tradition Encountered "Religion" in the Course of Modernization

4. Shu-fen Chen

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Some Issues in the Translation of Sankrit Buddhist Scripture

5. Wan-Hsian Chi

University of Pennsylvania
The Notion of Practicality in the Wang Yang-ming School

6. Ya-chung Chuang

Duke University
Becoming Taiwanes: Nationalism and Identity PoliticsIn Taiwan, 1987-97

7. Yueh-ts'en Chung

University of Chicago
Nationalism, Science, Race and Gender: A Comparative Studyof Eugenics in China, 1890's-1940's

8. Herminia Weihsin Din

Ohio State University
An Investigation of Children's Museum in the United States:Their Past, Present and Future

9. Bates Gill

Monterey Institute of International Studies
Chinese Approaches to Nonproliferation: Policies,Actions, and Intentions

10. Yihong Hsieh

Stanford University
Rethinking the Legal Structure of Bank Securities Powers

11. Lawrence L.C. Lee

University of Wisconsin at Madison
De Facto Covergence of Banking Supervisory Standard Within the Chinese Economic Area in the Challege for Taiwan, ROC

12. Sher-shiueh Li

University of Chicago
Towards a Missionary Poetics: The Rhetorical Appropriationsof Greek and Roman Wisdom in the Chinese Writingsof Late Ming Jesuits

13. Chin-Yu Lin

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Asymptotic Properties of Families of Function-IndexedNonParametric Tests for Survival Analysis

14. Yu-ling Lin

University of Wisconsin at Madison
The Concept of Slenderness upon Taiwanese Women from the 1940s to the 1990s: A Genealogical Analysis

15. Jui-chi Liu

Bryn Mawr College
Self-Portraits by Florine Stettheimer

16. Wen-fang Liu

University of Chicago
Observable Implications with Knightian Uncertainty

17. Lan-ying Tseng

Harvard University
Heaven in Visual Culture: The Painted Han Tomb in Xi'an

18. Eunice Hsiao-hui Wang

University of Hawaii
The Values of Information Technology: An Empirical Study of the Effects of IT Capabilities and IT Use on Economic Growth and Business Preformance in Taiwan

19. Way-wen Yang

Duke University
Legal Perspective of World Banking Revolution

20. Ching-wen Yeh

New York University
Applications of Taoistic Principles and Practices in the Evolution of Modern Dance

20. Wei-hsin Yu

University of Chicago
Unequal Employment, Unlike Career: A Comparative Studyon Women's Work Trajectories across Employment Straitsbetween Japan and Taiwan


Recipients in the European Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. University of East Anglia

John Onians
Lectureship in Chinese Art

2. University of Glasgow

Nicholas Pearce
Support for a New Teaching Post in Art Department, University of Glasgow and for Library Acquisition

3. University Pompeu Fabra

Dolors Folch
Enhancement of Chinese Studies

B. Research Grants

1. Taciana Fisac

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Chinese Books in Spain, Published from the Ming to the Ch'ing Dynasties: An Annotated Bibliography

2. Jacques Lemoine

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Religion and Societies in South China: The Mei/Lu Networks

3. Susan Whitfield

British Library
The International Dunhuang Project: Database Expansion

4. Valentin M. Yakushik

University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy
The Importance of the R.O.C. Political and Legal Experience for the Post-Soviet Countries

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer

Herzog August Bibliothek
Chinese Historiography and Historical Culture in a Comparative Perspective

D. Publication Subventions

1. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Shui-cheng Cheng
French Edition on "Musics of the Hakka in the Two Shores of the Taiwan Strait" (Incorporated with 4CD) ("Musiques des Hakka sur les Deux Rives du Detroit de Taiwan" avec 4 CD Incorpores )

2. Ruhr-Universitat Bochum

Helmut Martin
China Perspective, Vol. I & II

E. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Birgit Brunstermann

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
Sino-German Educational Co-operation from 1972-1994

2. Paola Calanca

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
Piracy and Smuggling in Fujian Province (XVIth-Early XIXth Centuries)

3. Koen de Ridder

Catholic University of Louvain
An Investigation into the Development of the Chinese Local Church: Missionary Activities of the Belgian C. I. C. M. Congregation in the GansuBorder Area

4. Thomas Frohlich

University of Hamburg
Expertocratic Thought in Republican China (1912-1949): Studies on Zhang Junmai, Ding Wenjiang, Hu Shi, and Chen Duxiu

5. Sebastian Gault

University of Bonn
Intellectual Biography of a Monk Scholar: The Syncretistic Thought of Tzu-po Chen-ko (1543-1604)

6. Valentina Georgieva

Leiden University
A History of the Chinese Female Buddhist Sangha during the Six Dynasties and the Tang

7. Ho Fon

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
Comparative Studies of Chinese Versions of Budhist Texts, Using Diamond Sutra as an Example-Sources and Origins of Differences, or the Influence of Different Schools in the History of Chinese Buddhist Translation

8. Fabienne Jagou

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
The 6th Panchen Lama's (1883-1937) Biography: Description of His Role in the Sino-Tibetan Relations during the First Half of the 20th Century

9. Emmanuelle Lesbre

National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilisations
The Conversion and Subjugation of Hariti, the Mother-of-Demons, to the Buddha. Her Representation in China

10. Ma Li

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
Power and Philosophy in the Reign of Zhu Yuanzhang

11. Mei Jianjun

University of Cambridge
Copper and Bronze Metallurgy in the Late Prehistoric Xinjiang and Comparisons with Neighboring Bronze Cultures

12. Ling-ling Wong

Oxford University
Tso Yueh-tzu: The Post-Natal Ritual of Han Chinese Women

F. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Andrea Eberhard

Technical University Berlin
Symbolic Operations in Chinese Mathematical Texts

2. Henricus Paulus Mallee

Leiden University
China's Household Registration System

G. Special Projects

1. Charles University

Chinese Modernism: New Perspectives on Chinese Culture of the 1910s

2. Charles University

Establishment of CCK-ISC


Recipients in the Asia-Pacific Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. David L. Holm

University of Melbourne
The Establishment of a Chair in Chinese Regional Cultures (with Emphasis on Taiwan)

B. Research Grants

1. Cheng Hai Chew

Nanyang Technological University
Chinese Dialects in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan: Their Recent Development and Geographical Distribution

2. Chu Van Lam

National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities
Process of Agricultural and Rural Development in Taiwan, and Suggestions to Vietnam

3. Donald Daniel Leslie

Australian National University
Islam in China

4. Nan-chiang Lieu

Macquarie University
From Manichaeism (Mon-ni-chiao) to Religion of Light (Ming-chiao):The East Asian Transformation of Manichaeism

5. Hui-min Lo

Australian National University
The Lampson China Papers Project

6. Brian Moloughney

University of Otago
The Transformation of Chinese Historical Writing, 1902-1949

C. Conference/Seminar/Workshop Grant

1. Malcolm Smith

University of Melbourne
The Law and the Chinese Outside China