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Grant Recipients, 1994-1995

Grant Recipients, 1994-1995

Recipients in the Domestic Region

A. Research Grants

1. Je-liang Chang

National Cheng-chi University
A Study of Sino-German Military Cooperation in the 1960s – Archival Research, Collection and Valuation

2. Peng-yuan Chang

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
Parliamentary Elections in China's Modernization

3. Kuo-tong Chen

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica
Two-way Maritime Trade between South China and South Thailand and the Development of Regional Economics in the Southern Song and Yuan Periods

4. Yuen-sang Leung

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Legitimating of New Orders: A Comparative Study of Chinese and World History

5. Tong-hwa Li

National Taiwan University
The Silk Road:A Synthetic Study

6. Mu-choo Poo

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Encountering the Strangers: A Comparative Study of Cultural Consciousness in Ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia

7. Brian W. Semkow

Hong Kong University of Scinece & Technology
Chinese Corporate Governance and Finance – The Domestic, Regional and International Implications

8. Cheng-hwa Tsang

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
A International Consortium for the Conservation of the Chinese Archaeology Collections Project

9. Ming-ke Wang

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Project on the Studies of Ethnohisotry, Ethnicity and Ethnic Boundaries among the Ch'iang and the Yi in Southwest China

10. David Wu

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Food Culture in Taiwan: A Study of Indiginization and Globalization of Cultural Tradition and Identity through Food and Cuisine

11. Chuan-ying Yen

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
The Manjusri Cult in China and South East Asia : Rise and Fall of Esoteric Buddhist Culture in the T'ang Period

B. Publication Subsidy

1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Joseph Boxco
Taiwan Studies: A Journal of Translation

2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Eva Huang
Modern Times: A Brief History of Enlightenment

3. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ng Lun Ngai-ha
Letters Addressed to Sheng Hsuan Huai Related to the Late Ch"ing Industrialization

4. National Taiwan University

Shou-jon Chang
Project for the Publication of Bibliographies of Documents Relating to the History of Taiwan

C. Conference, Workshops and Seminars

1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rance Pui-leung Lee
Conference on the Application of Social Sciences and Chinese Modernization

2. Chung-Hwa Institution for Economic Research

Chen Li
A Comparison of Ecomomics Development Policies between ROC and Spain: 2nd International Conference on ROC and Spanish Economy and Trade

3. Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Tx'ui Jong Liu
Conference on Asia Population History

4. Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

Chin-shing Huang
Philosophy, Philology and Politics in Eighteenth Century

D. Database Grants

1. Wuen-shou Chuan

National Taiwan Normal University
Taiwanese Literature

2. Tunney Lee

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Oral History of China: The Modern Era


Recipients in the American Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Carleton College

Elizabeth McKinsey
A Professorship in Chinese Art at Carleton College

2. Huron College

C.J. Jago
Faculty Position in Chinese Culture and Language

3. Muhlenberg College

Richard G. Hatch
Strengthening Chinese Studies at Muhlenberg College

4. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Elizabeth Anderson
Public Programs Chinese Visiting Scholar

5. University de Montreal

John Dickinson
Creation of Position in Chinese History

6. University of California at Berkeley

Wen-hsin Yeh
Creation of a Research Group on the Study of Twentieth-Century China

7. University of Colorado at Denver

Lionel Jensen
University of Colorado at Denver in Chinese Studies

8. University of Oregon

Wendy Larson
Institutional Enhancement Proposal

B. Research Grants

1. Maria Hsia Chang

University of Nevada
The Dragon Awakes: Chinese Conceptions of Nation and Nationalism

2. Esther Ngan-ling Chow

American University
The Impact of Economic Developmnet on Employment Life Quality and Family Well-being: A Cross-national Comparative Study

3. Grace S. Fong

McGill University
Inscribing Gender: Poetry and Prose by Women in Late Imperial China

4. Steven M. Goldstein

Smith College
Political Evolution in Taiwan: The New Politics of Economic Relations with the Mainland

5. Chrwan-jyh Ho

Oklahoma State University
An evaluation of Operational Efficiency of Independent Retailers in Taiwan

6. Porter Hoagland

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Conserving and Managing the Underwater Cultural Resources of the China Seas

7. Anthony Koo

Florida State University
Take-off Policies of Taiwan's Economic Development

8. Andrew Krepinevich

Defense Budget Project
A Comparative Analysis of Chinese Defense Production and Trade: Implications for Security Across the Taiwan Strait

9. Jane Kate Leonard

University of Akron
Redrawing the Boundaries of State Power and the "Statecraft" Quest for Moral Order in Early Nineteenth-centuray China

10. Katheryn M. Linduff

University of Pittsburgh
Sorting out the Artifacts: The Reflection of "Others" Within Ancient Chinese Spheres

11. Paul Liu

University of Washington
Comparative Studies on the Policies and Legal Framework of Technologies Development and Tranfer Between the ROC and the United States

12. Gerald A. McBeath

University of Alaska at Fairbanks
Democratization and Foreign Trade Policy in Taiwan

13. Roderick MacFarquhar

Harvard University
Political Development in the ROC (&PRC) in the 1980 & 1990s

14. Peter Nickerson

University of Iowa
Taoism, Divination, and the Social Implications of Ritual Choices in the Religion of Southern Taiwan

15. Peter Pauly

University of Toronto
Trade and Investment in the Pacific Area: Theoretical Analysis and Implications for International Trade

16. Vivienne B. Shue

Cornell University
Patterns of Charity and Phlanthropy in Twentieth-Century China: Discourses on " Doing Good" in the Early Republic and in Taiwan

17. Ann Thurston

East-West Center
The Transformation of China and the Role of Taiwan

18. Wen-hui Tsai

Purdue University
Becoming Enemies of the State: Deviant Labeling Process in Mao's China

19. Kuo-ch'ing Tu

University of California at Santa Barbara
An Annotated Bibliography of Worldwide Studies in Taiwan Literature

20. Moira Yip

University of California at Irvine
The Phonology of Chinese Dialects

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Joseph R. Allen

Washington University
Midwest Seminars on Taiwan Studies

2. Tsai-fa Cheng

University of Wisconsin at Madison
The 4th International Conference on Chinese Linguistics and the 7th North American Conference on Chinese linguistics

3. William R. Johnson

George Washington University
The 24th Sino-American Conference on Contemporary China Washington DC

4. Leo Ou-fan Lee

Harvard University
Culture, Media and Society in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China

5. L.H.M. Ling

Syracuse University
Internationalization and Women's Self-Identity: A Compartive Analysis of Women in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

6. Emerson M.S. Niou

Duke University
American Political Science Association Conference Group on Taiwan Studies (CGOTS) Conference Proposal

7. Larry N. Shyu

University of New Brunswick
A Conference/Symposium on " Re-searching the Sino-JapaneseWar (1937-1945) : New Sources and Interpretations."

8. Andy Sun

Asia Pacific Legal Institute
Seminar on United States-Republic of China Dispute Settlement under the World Trade Organization TRIPS Agreement

9. Ching-I Tu

Rutgers University
Conference on the Hermeneutic Traditons in Chinese Culture

D. Publication Subsidies

1. Cambridge University Press

Denis Twitchett
"From Chronicle to Canon: The Hermeneutics of the Spring and Autumn Annals, According to Tung Chung-shu," by Sarah Queen

2. Cambridge University Press

Denis Twitchett
Reconsidering Tu Fu: Literary Greatness and Cultural Context by Eva Shan Chou, to be published in the Cambridge Studies in Chinese History, Literature, and I Institution series

3. Cambridge University Press

Denis Twitchett
From War to Nationalism: China's Turning Point, 1924-1925 By Arthur Waldron

4. Kang Chao

Kang Chao, Grain Yields in China, 1700-1950

5. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Xiaoneng Yang
Rethinking Early China: Pictographic Inscriptons, Decor and Religon

6. Stanford University Press

Muriel Bell
Word Order Change and Grammaticalization in the History of Chinese, by Chaofen Sun

7. Stanford University Press

John R. Ziemer

8. University of Hawaii

Patricia Crosby
"Inquiry into the Origin of Humanity: An Annotated Trans-lation of Tsung-mi's YUAN JEN LUN with Modern Commentary" by Peter Gregory

9. University of Toronto

Milena DolezelovaVelingerova
The Burdens of the May Fourth Cultural Project

10. Yale University

Charles Grench
Negotiating Daily Life in Medieval China: The Concerns of Ordinary People as Seen in Chinese Contracts, 600-1400, By Valeria Hansen

E. Senior Scholar Grants

1. William S. Atwell

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Climatic Change, Monetary Contraction, and Economic Decline in Mid Fifteenth-Century China and East Asia

2. Chauncey Cheng-hsi Chu

University of Florida
A Discourse Grammer of Mandarin Chinese--The Conclusion of a Book-writing Project

3. Arif Dirlik

Duke University
The Canton Commune in the Chinese Revolution

4. Yen-ping Hao

University of Tennessee
China's Three Commerical Revolutins

5. Ronald G. Knapp

SUNY at New Paltz
China's Folk Architecture: Aesthetic, Architectonic, and Ecological Traditions

6. Andrew J. Nathan

Columbia University
Commonality and Variation in Chinese Political Culture

7. Andrew G. Walder

Harvard University
The Politics of China's Cultural Revolution, 1966-71: A Sociological Analysis

F. Walter Judd Grant

1. Hsiao-yun Yu

University of Southern California
The Interaction Between Political Development (Democratization of Developing Countries) and Party Transformation: The Case of Taiwan's KMT

G. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Daniel J. Boucher

University of Pennsylvania
Translation as a Religious Genre: A Case Study of a Third Century Translator of Buddhist Texts

2. Michael I. Como

Stanford University
Soteriology and the State: Sacred Kinship in Early China and Japan

3. Robert J. Culp

Cornell University
New Culture and Political Protest in the Cities and Towns of China's Lower Yangzi Region, 1915-1927

4. Pierre F. Landry

University of Michigan
Authoritarian Stability and Local Elite Strategies in China: Jiangsu nad Hubei Since 1971

5. Jennifer G. Purtle

Yale University
Placing Their Mark: An Art-Historical Geography of Min (Fukien) Painters of the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644

H. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Julia F. Andrews

Ohio State University
Traditional Chinese Painting in an Age of Revolution, 1911-1937

2. Michael A. Fuller

University of California at Irvine
The Claims of Affect: Liu Kezhuang, Poetry and Neo-Confucianism

3. Gary H. Jefferson

Brandeis University
Reforming Large-Scale Enterprise in Chinese Industry

4. Terry F. Kleeman

University of Pennsylvania
Sacrifice in Chinese Religious History

5. Li Liu

Tufts University
Development of Chiefdom Societies in the Middle and Lower Yellow River Valley in Neollithic China: A Study of the Longshan Culture

6. Melissa A. Macauley

Northwestern University
The Civil Reprobate: Pettifoggers, Property and Litigation in China, 1723-1919

7. Keith R. Schoppa

Valparaiso University
Local Social and Political Dynamics of War, Collaboration and Reistance: Zhejian Province, 1937-1945

8. Kyoto Tokuno

University of Oregon
Buddhist Scripture: Conception and Praxis in 15th Centure

I. CCKF Fellowships Administered by the Canadian Association for Asian Studies

1. Yi-zhuang Chen

University de Montreal
Postdoctoral Fellowship
La Pensee Complexe en Chine den Occident

2. Robert Perrins

York University
Postdoctoral Fellowship
A Comparative Study of Japanses Impreiaism in Occupied China: Taiwan and the Guandong Leased Territory, 1895-1945

3. Jing-dong Yuan

Queen's University
Postdoctoral Fellowship
China's Defence Modernization and Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region

J. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Hsin-yi Chen

University of Texas at Austin
Why do Students leave School? - A new Look toward College Student Attviton

2. Kwang-tzuu Chen

Harvard University
The Study of Ancient Iron Technology in Taiwan

3. Shyh-jer Chen

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Self-selection of Chinese Immigrants in the United States

4. Yeong-chau Chou

University of Kansas
The Painting Treatise and Connoisseurship at the Middle Yuan Literati Seen in Tang Hou's "Gujin Nuajian" and "Hua Lun"

5. Fa-ti Fan

University of Wisconsin at Madison
British Naturalists in China, 1760s-1870s

6. Hahn Hsu

Ohio State University
A Theory of International Justice- A Meta- Theoretical Study

7. Pei-shan Lee

University of Pennsylvania
Taiwan's Constitutional Choice in Comparative Perspective

8. Jo-wang Lin

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Polarity Licensing and WH-Phrase Quantification in Chinese

9. Li-chiang Lin

Princeton University
The Ink Garden of Ch'eng Family: the Rise of Popular Literati Culture in the Late Ming

10. Wei Lo

University of Pittsburgh
Reform of Socialist Enterpriese: Evidence from Chinese Firms and Laboratory Experiments

11. Tze-lan D. Sang

University of California at Berkeley
Female Homeroticism in May Fourth Literature and Culture

12. Chiung-hui Shao

New York University
The Establishment of Copyright Systems in China and Taiwan- A Socio-cultural Analysis

13. Victor Tien-cheng Shen

University of California at Berkeley
Reading With Hypertext: The Role of Social Inter- vactism and Hypertextual Links in Fifth Graders: Meaning and Knowledge Construction

14. Jen-chieh Ting

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Participation in the Tzu-chi Association in Taiwan

15. Hsiou-huai Wang

Harvard University
A Qualitative Study of Career Construction in the Schooling Process-- the Case of College-Track

16. Tsai-wei Wang

University of Pittsburgh
Feminism and the Formation of Collective Identity Within the Women's Movement in Contemporary Taiwan

17. Jui-sung Yang

University of California at Los Angeles
The Northern School of Confucianism in the Early Ching: A New Interpretation of Yen Yuan (1635-1704)

18. Ruey Yau

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Sources of Persistence in Cross-Country Income Disparities

19. Yueh-yu Yeh

University of Southern California
National Identity and Representations of Popular Music in Contemporary Taiwan Cinema (1970s-1990s)

20. Chilik Yu

University of Georgia
The Use of Program Evaluation in Public Budgeting


Recipients in the European Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants


Rudolf G. Wagner
Dynamic Database of the Holdings of Chinese and Sinological Periodicals in the Major European Collections

2. Leiden University

Erik Zurcher
Visual Documentation Presentation of Traditional Chinese Culture

3. Oxford University

Glen Dudbridge
Junior Lectureship in the Modern Politics and Society of China

4. University of Cambridge

D. L. McMullen
Teaching and Research Fellowship in the History of Chinese Science and Technology

5. University of Wien

Erich Pilz
Methods of Field Research in Asian Studies (Sinology and and Japanology)

B. Research Grants

1. Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

University of Copenhagen
"State and Society in East Asia" Network

2. Dana Kalvodova

Vojta Naprstek Foundation
Performing Art in Chuanju and Other Regional Theatres in 1957~1958. Annotated Collection of Original Photographs

3. Finn Laursen

South Jutland University
The Political Economy of Relations between the European Union(EU) and the Republic of China(ROC) on Taiwan

4. P. van der Loon

Oxford University
A Collaborative Programme to Assemble and Edit Plays and Lyrics from the Classical Min-nan Theatre, String Puppetry and Art Song

5. Rose Kerr

Needham Research Institute
The Historical Development of Ceramic Technology in the Context of Chinese Culture

6. Jacques Magaud

Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques
A Taiwanese/French Comparison of Two Family Run Enterprises

7. A. V. Pantsov

Russian Academy of Sciences
Joint Left Opposition and the Chinese Revolution: Documents from Russian Archives

8. Alexander Wanek

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
The Taiwanisation of Taiwan

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. M. Bastid-Bruguiere

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
European Thought in Chinese Literate Culture in the Early 20th Century: Reception, Mediations and Change

D. Publication Subventions

1. University of Copenhagen

Else Glahn
A Chinese Manual of Building

E. Senior Scholar Grants

1. Oldrich Kral

Charles University
Writing "History of Chinese Literature"

F. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Bridie Andrews

University of Cambridge
New Disciplines for Old, Medicine in Modern China, 1895-1937

2. Michela Bussotti

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
Wood Engraving and Printing of the Hui School, Ming and Qing Dynasties

3. Dorothea Heuschert

University of Bonn
Chinese Influence on Mongolian Law during the Ch'ing Dynasty

4. Li-jiuan Lin

University of East Anglia
A Study of Western-Style Landscape Painting in the Taiwanese Art Exhibition during the Japanese Colonial Period 1927-1936

5. Jovana Muir

University of Cambridge
Li Te-yu (787-849); His Life, Writing, and Place in Intellectual History

6. Terence Soo-hung Tsai

University of Cambridge
Environmentalism in Organizational Decision-Making: The Cases of Multinational Cooperation’s in China and Taiwan

G. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Isabella Ang

College de France
Social History of Cult Associations in the Poyang Lake Basin

2. Marianne Bujard

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
The Fangshi, Religion and Imperial Power in the Han Dynasty

3. Francesco D'Aerlli

Instituto Universitario Orientale
The Catholic Mission in China in the 18th Century and the Chinese Missionaries of the College of Naples

4. Johannes Reckel

University of Gottingen
The Wild Jurchen Tribes in Northern Manchuria and in the Korean-Menchurean Border Region from Liao to Mid-Ming-Time


Recipients in the Asia-Pacific Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. University of Tasmania

Brian D. Mackenzie
Major and Honours Courses in Chinese

2. Monash University

J. Bruce Jacobs
Appointment of Research Fellow to Research Project on "Making the Transition to New Economic and Political Systems in Taiwan

B. Research Grants

1. Anthony V. N. Diller

Australian National University
The Tai Languages in Southern China--A Historical and Comparative Study

2. Igor de Rachewiltz

Australian National University
Repertory of Proper Names in Yuan Literary Sources

3. Emerlinda R. Roman

University of Philippines
Management Control in Chinese--Filipino Enterprises

4. Samuel K. Tan

National Historical Institute
The "Kalannangan" of Tausug-Sama Muslim Society

5. University of Tokyo

A Socio-Historical Research on the Compressed and Combined Modernization in Taiwan

6. 福岡西南學院大學


C. Conference/Seminar/Workshop Grant

1. Hilary M. Chappell

La Trobe University
Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives on the Grammar of Sinitic Languages

2. David S. G. Goodman

University of Technology, Sydney
Communist North China during the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-45: Social Change and Political Mobilisation

3. Tran Dinh Huou

Hanoi University
The Influence of "Tan Thu"(New Book) and the Movement of Social Reform in China to Vietnamese Society in the Period of the Late 19th Century to the Early 20th Century

D. Senior Scholar Grants

1. Yoav Ariel

Tel Aviv University
Exegetical Debate in the Wei-Chin Era: The Case of the Sheng-Cheng-Lun 聖證論

E. Subsidy for Publication Grant

1. Vietnamese Writers Association Publishing House

Thi Y Nhi Hoang
Introduction to Taiwan's Contemporary Literature