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Grant Recipients, 1992-1993

Grant Recipients, 1992-1993


Recipients in the Domestic Region

A. Research Grants

1. Chin-huei Chang

Sun Yat-Sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy, Academia Sinica
The Political Economy of Sturctural Adjustment in Taiwan

2. Tze-lang Chang

National Cheng-chi University
Valuation of Archives of Sino-German Relations

3. San-ching Chen

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
A Collection and Study of Chu Cheng’s Complete Works and Materials Related to Him

4. Yun-han Chu

National Taiwan University
Political Culture and Political Participation in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

5. Ying-chang Chuang

Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
A Comparative Study of Socio-Cultural Adaptation in Southeastern Rural China

6. Su-li Huang

National Chung Hsing University
Ecological Energetic Evolution of Urban System:: Cross Comparison of Chinese and American Society

7. Chung Tang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Studies in Prehistoric Culture of the Coastal Southeast China- the Prehistory of Hong Kong in Particular

8. Ch’iu –Kuei Wang

National Tsing Hwa University
Chinese Regional Theatre in Its Social and Ritual Contexts

9. D.C. Lau

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Second Phase of a Computerized Database of the Entire Body of Extant Wei-Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties (220-589A.D.) Traditional Chinese Texts

B. Publication Subsidies

1. National Tsing Hwa University

I-non Huang
Newsletter for the History of Chinese Science

2. The Taiwan Chapter of the International Society for Hu Shih Studies

Peng-yuan Chang
Hu Shih and Republican Politics

C. Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

1. Michael Hsiao

Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
International Conference on the Comparative Study of the Middle Classes and National Development in East Asia

2. Michael Hsiao

Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
International Conference on the Comparative A Study of the Middle Classes and National Development in East Asia

3. Kuan-chung Huang

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Family and Society in Sung China

4. Rance Pui-leung Lee

The University of Hong Kong
The 4th Conference on Modernization and Chinese Culture

5. Ts’ui-jung Liu

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica
Conference on the History of t he Environment in China

6. 趙令揚

The University of Hong Kong
34th International Congress of Asian and North African Studies

D. Distinguished Lectureship

1. National Taiwan University

Chi Hsueh
Professor John C. H. Fei


Recipients in the American Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Harvard University

Rubie S. Watson
Summer Insitute in Anthropology

2. Lawrence University

Frank Doeringer
New Faculty Position in Chinese Language and Culture

3. State University of New York at Stony Brook

Shi Ming Hu
Institutional Enhancement on Chinese Studies Program at SUNY

4. University of California at Berkeley

Pang-hsin Ting
Enhancement of Chinese Literature and Linguistic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley

5. University of California at Riverside

Brian Copenhaver
Establishment of a New Teaching Position in Pre-Modern Chinese History at University of California, Riverside

6. University of Utah

Deborah Porter
Charting a China Course: Developing Chinese Studies at the University of Utah

7. University of Washington

Nicholas R Lardy
University of Washington Institutional Enhancement Grant

B. Research Grants

1. Irene Bloom

Columbia University
Revision of Sources of Chinese Tradition

2. Wan-yao Chou

University of British Columbia
The Kominka Movement: Taiwan under Wartime Japan, 1937-1945

3. Hugh R Clark

Ursinus College
Social Structure, Migration, and Overseas Trade in the History of South Coastal Fu-chien (Minnan), 200 c.e.-1900 c.e

4. Michael Duke

University of British Columbia
Traditional Culture and Contemporary Ideology in Chinese Fiction: Literature and Thought in the People's Republic of China

5. Xianguo Fu

University of Washington
The Prehistoric Archaeology of South China and its Relationship with the Prehistoric Archaeology of Southeast Asia

6. Peter Gregory

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
A Study of the Scripture of Perfect Enlightenment and Its Significance in Chinese Buddhism

7. Carma Hinton

Long Bow Group
China Archive Project

8. James Huang

University of California at Irvine
Functional Categories and Clause Structure: A Comparative Study Across Chinese Dialects

9. Ronald Inglehart

University of Michigan
Cultural Change: Taiwan in Comparative Perspective

10. Gale Johnson

University of Chicago
Comparative Analysis of the Rural Household Surveys of Taiwan and the People's Republic of China

11. William Kirby

Harvard University
Documents on Republican China

12. Edward Leamer

University of California at Los Angeles
Economic Integration of Taiwan with Mainland China

13. Julia K. Murray

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Illustrations of the Life of Confucius: Their Origins, Functions and Significance in the Culture of Late-Imperial China

14. David W. Pankenier

Lehigh University
From Revelation to Revolution: the Mandate of Heaven in Early China

15. William l. Parish

University of Chicago
Social Change and Old Age in Taiwan

16. Clyde Stolyenberg

University of Kansas
Law and Modernization in the Republic of China

17. Enzheng Tong

University of Pittsburgh
Early Metal Age of Southern China and Southeast Asia

18. E. Leong Wey

University of California at San Francisco
Science and Civilization in China--Pharmacy and Pharmacology

19. Michelle Yeh

University of California at Davis
A Critical Study of Contemporary Poetry

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Robert Connor

National Humanities Center
In support of U.S.-East Asian Intercultural Understanding

2. Gerrit W Gong

Center for Strategic and International Studies
The 22nd Sino-American Conference on Contemporary China

3. Tao-tai Hsia

Library of Congress
Conference on Constitutional Reform and Democratization in the Republic of China

4. Chi Huang

University of Kentucky
Institutionalizing the Conference Group on Taiwan Studies (CGOTS) within the American Politcal Science Association

5. William Jones

Washington University
A Three Day Conference

6. William Kirby

Harvard University
Taiwan Studies Workshop

7. James Tai

Ohio State University
Workshop on Interfaces and the Chinese Language

8. David Wu

East-West Center
Chinese Childhood Socialization: A Strategic Evaluation and Dissemination Workshop

D. Publication Subsidies

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Wen Fong
The Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei

2. Stanford University Press

Muriel Bell
Statecraft and Political Economy on the Taiwan Frontier, 1600-1800

3. Stanford University Press

John R. Ziemmer
The Rise of Confucian Ritualism in Late Imperial China: Ethics, Classics, and Lineage Discourse, by Kai-wing Chow

4. Stanford University Press

Muriel Bell
Transcendence and Divine Passion: The Queen Mother of The West in Medieval China by Suzanne E. Cahill

5. University of Chicago

Penelope Kaiserlain
The History of Cartography, Vol2, Book 2: Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies

E. Travel Grants

1. William de Bary

Columbia University
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

2. Fan Pan Chen

University of Alberta
45th Annual Meeting of Association for Asian Studies

3. Chu-yuan Cheng

Ball State University
Relations Between the Two Sides of Taiwan Straits

4. Myron L. Cohen

Columbia University
ICANS Congress Symposium on Liberalism and Nationalism as Factors in the Development or Non-development of Civil Society in East Asia

5. Joshua Fogel

University of California at Santa Barbara
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

6. James Huffman

Wittenberg University
Symposium on Civil Society

7. Wen-lang Li

Ohio State University
The Advancement of Policy, Research, and Development in the Third World

8. Z. Jun Lin

University of Lethbridge
7th International Conference of Accounting Education and CAAA Annual Meeting

9. Don Price

University of California at Davis
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

10. Michael Robinson

University of Southern California
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

11. Vinh Shih

University of Alberta
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

12. Wen-hui Tsai

Purdue University
Foreign-Educational Elite and Taiwan's Modernization Conference

13. Michael Tsin

Columbia University
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

14. Peter Zarrow

Vanderbilt University
1993 ICANS Conference in Hong Kong

F. Senior Scholar Grants

1. Wallace Johnson

University of Kansas
A Translation of The T'ang Code: Specific Article, Vol II

2. Harry J.Lamley

University of Hawaii
The Evolution of a Taiwanese Identity under Late Ch'ing and Japanese Rule, 1885-1945

3. James T. Myers

University of South Carolina
Deng Xiaoping and the Death of Communism in China

4. Lynn T. White III

Princeton University
Reform in Mainland China

5. Madeleine Zelin

Columbia University
The Merchants of Tzu-kung

G. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Martha Chang

Harvard University
An Easement Pacifica: Sino-Japanese Relations and the Politics of Regional Cooperation

2. Alan Cole

University of Michigan
Milk Debts and the Production of a Buddhist Discourse on Mothers in Medieval China

3. Kathryn Ann Lowry

Harvard University
The Transmission of Current Popular Airs (Shishang Xiaoling) or Shidiao in Late Ming

4. Daniel Lynch

University of Michigan
State Capacity, Policymaking, and the Management of Global Communications Flows into the People's Republic of China

5. Leo Shin

Princeton University
Ethnicity and State: Southwestern Expansion in Ming China

H. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Bettine Birge

University of Southern California
Women and Property in Sung and Yuan China (960-1367)

2. Katherine Carlitz

University of Pittsburgh
The Social Life of Virtue: Gui Younguang and Zhang Yue

3. Christopher Connery

University of California at Santa Cruz
Late Han and Wei Dynasty Literati as a Social Formation, and the Social and Ideological Character of Their Literary Output

4. James Hevia

North Carolina A&T
Cherishing Men from afar (Huairou Yuanren): Qing Quest Ritual and the Macartney Embassy of 1793

5. Yashang Huang

University of Michigan
The Politics of Inflation Control in China During Reform Era: Provincial Responses and Investment Behavior, 1977-1991

6. Helen Hunstan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
State and Environment in North China, 1400-1900

7. David Johnson

University of California at Berkeley
A Study of Sai--The Great Ritual-drama Complexes of Southeastern Shansi

8. Paul Smith

Haverford College
Fear, Uncertainty, and Opportunity in Local Chinese Societ Under the Mongols, 1279-1368

I. CCK Fellowships Administered by the Canadian Association for Asian Studies

1. Cen Huang

University of Calgary
Dissertation Fellowship
A Study of Chinese Childhood Education During the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976

2. Shu-yun Ma

University of Toronto
Dissertation Fellowship
The Emergence of Chinese Intellectual Dissidents in the 1980s

3. Dominique Ryon

University de Montreal
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Dongba Script and Its Decipherment

4. Shu-ning Sciban

University of Toronto
Dissertation Fellowship
The Novels of Wang Wenxing

J. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Shih-chieh Chang

University of Wisconsin at Madison
The Variant Relationship and Measurement Error Model: An Empirical Test of Taiwan

2. Hsin-ping Chen

University of California at Irvine
The Theoretical Derivation and Simulation of the Dynamic Nonlinear Urban Growth Model

3. Lu-lin Cheng

Duke University
Interorganizational Transaction Process: A Study of OEM in Taiwan

4. Yu-Yin Cheng

University of California at Davis
Sagehood and the Common Man: The Tai-Chou School Sagehood and the Common Man: The Tai-Chou School and Confucian Evangelism in Late Ming China

5. Chihyi Chi

Harvard University
Small is Beautiful: Income Distribution and Size Distribution of Firms in Taiwan

6. Ping-yi Chu

University of California at Los Angeles
Jesuit Astronomy and Confucian Classicism at the Manchu Court

7. Li-ling Chuang

University of Maryland at College Park
The Interpretation of a Long Distance Anaphor

8. Yih-Chyi Chuang

University of Chicago
Learning by Doing, Technology Gap, and Growth

9. Liang-tsu Hsieh

University of Minnesota
The Effect of Writing System on Decoding Processes in Chinese and English

10. Hsin-Ya Huang

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
The Female Gothic Modalities, Impressionment, Madness and Power

11. Shihlung Huang

Sam Houston State University
An Analysis of the Drug Policy and Its Impact on the Prison System

12. Jau-yuan Hwang

Harvard University
Constitutional Transformation in Taiwan Since 1986

13. Bing-shen Kuo

University of Rochester
Essays on Tests for Parameter Instability in Regression with I91) Process and Its Application

14. Jeng-liang Kuo

Yale University
The Reach of the State

15. Pauline Lin

Harvard University
Classical Chinese Poetry and Chinese Landscaping Painting

16. Mei-ying Liu

Ohio State University
Portrayals of the Chinese in Fiction for Children 1920-1922

17. Yu-chung Wang

University of Southern California
A Comparison of IRT-based and Non-IRT-based Differential Item Functioning Detection Procedures

18. Chyi-in Wu

Iowa State University
Theoretical Perspectives on Age and Gender Differences in Mental Health

19. Jieh-min Wu

Columbia University
Clientelist Networks and Privatization Strategies in China's Local Industrialization

20. Linjun Wu

University of South Carolina
Informal Diplomacy in a Formal Diplomatic World: The Survival Strategies of the Republic of China on Taiwan


Recipients in the European Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. College de France

Kristofer Schipper
The Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies of the College de France Library Assistance Scheme (second year)

2. University of Edinburgh

Nicholas Pearce
Honor Course Option in Chinese Art

3. University of Heidelberg

Lothar Ledderose
Acquisiting of 3000 Photographs of the Chien-mu Section of the National Palace Museum

4. University of Heidelberg

Rudolf G. Wagner
Dynastic Histories Computerized Database

5. University of Helsinki

Kauko Laitinen
Lectureship in Chinese, Especially Classical Chinese(Teacher)

6. University of London

Roderick Whitfield
Lectureship in Chinese Archaeology

7. University of Paris IV-Sorbonne

Flora Blanchon
CREOPS Library

B. Research Grants

1. Marina Carnogurska-Ferancov

Slovak Academy of Sciences
A Development and Uniqueness of Confucian Philosophy in the Period of Warring States/A Third Phase of This Project: A Detailed Philosophical Analysis and Research of Philosophical Work of Hsun Tzu

2. Shui-cheng Cheng

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Studies on Musics of the Hakka in Taiwan and in China

3. Jan Kulig

Polish Academy of Sciences
Market or State? A Strategy of Export-Led Industrialization in Taiwan ROC--Lessons for Poland and Other Transitional Economies

4. Claude Larre

Institute RICCI de Paris-Centre d'Etudes Chinoises
Grand RICCI (Grand Dictionnaire Francais de la Langue Chinoise) Han Fa Ta Tz'u Tien

5. Olga Lomova

Charles University
Reader in Tang Poetry

6. N. L. Mamayeva

Russian Academy of Sciences
The Comintern and the Kuomintang 1919-1929

7. Wulf Schiefenhovel

The Austronesian Arrival. Connections between Taiwan and the Papua New Guinean Populations of the Trobrianders and the Roro

8. A. L. Semenas

Russian Academy of Sciences
The Features of Chinese Vocabulary in Taiwan

9. Steve Tsang

Oxford University
Relations without Diplomatic Representation--The Republic of China on Taiwan and the United Kingdom 1950~1958

10. Frances Wood

British Library
Documents from Chinese Central Asia: A Complete Database of the Stein Collection in the British Library

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Milena Dolezelova

Charles University
The Burdens of the May Cultural Movement

2. Alain Peyraube

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Second International Conference on Chinese Linguistics

D. Publication Subventions

1. Bibliotheque Municipale de Lyon

Jean-louis Boully
Publication of the Catalogue of Books from the Library of the "Sino-French Institute of Lyon (1921~1946)"

2. Maison Rhone-Alpes des Sciences de l'Homme

Christian Henriot
Publication of Two Monographic Studies on Shanghai History (pre-1949)

3. Munich University

Paul U. Unschuld
Annotated English Translation of the Yin-hai Jing-wei, an Ophthalmological Classic Compiled during the 15th Century

4. Russian Academy of Sciences

M. L. Titarenko
Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Thought of China

5. Russian Academy of Sciences

Juri L. Kroll
Yen T'ieh Lun ("Dispute on Salt and Iron")

E. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Jennifer Ning Chang

University of Cambridge
Sino-British Relationship during 1912-1928: A Case Study of the British in Wuhan

2. Martin Hala

Charles University
Auspicious Imagery in Chinese Popular Prints

3. Nichel Hockx

Leiden University
Poetic Innovation in China in the Early Twenties: The Case of Xue Zhao

4. Antoinette Schimmelpennick

Leiden University
The relation between Language and Music in the Shan'ge of the Wu Dialect Area, Southern Jiangsu Province, China

5. David Shambaugh

University of London
Publication Assistance for the China Quarterly and "Studies on Contemporary China" Publication Series

6. Naomi Standen

University of Durham
Chinese Migrants to the Liao in the Tenth Century

7. Irene Voskanova

Russian Academy of Sciences
From Middle to Modern Chinese: The 16th Century Language as Reflected in Hsi-yu Chi

F. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Isabelle Duchesne

Musee de I'Homme
Actresses and Female Stars in Peking Opera (1910-1937)

2. Philippe Foret

College de France
The Ch'ing Dynasty Landscape Enterprise in Jehol

3. Florence Hu-Sterk

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
T'ang Poetry: A Key to Chinese Civilization

4. Giuseppina Merchionne

Instituto Universitario Orientale
Land Property Concepts in South-East China and Taiwan in the Ch'ing Period

5. Bettina Zorn

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg
The Social Meaning of Rook Painting in Southern China: An Anthropological Analysis


Recipients in the Asia-Pacific Region

A. Institutional Enhancement

1. University of Otago

Ramesh Thakur
Asian Studies--Chinese

2. Griffith University

Edmund S. K. Fung
Chair in Taiwan Studies

3. Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ehud Harari
Institutional Enhancement for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

4. University of Sydney

A. D. Stefanowska
Establishment of the Australian Centre for Classical Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney

B. Research Grants

P. L. Burns

Adelaide University
Chinese Maritime History and Overseas Trade: Maritime Archaeology

1. Ts'un-yan Liu

Australian National University
A Study of Taoist Biography from the Second to the Eleventh Centuries

C. Conference/Seminar/Workshop Grant

1. Peter Bellwood

Australian National University
15th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association

2. Teresa M. Sicat

University of Philippines
Conference Workshop to Draft a Chinese Studies Program for the University of the Philippines

D. Special Project

1. Hebrew University of Jerusalem