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Grant Recipients, 1991-1992

Grant Recipients, 1991-1992


Recipients in the Domestic Region

A. Research Grants

1. Tsun-wu Chang

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
Overseas Chinese in the Philippines:A Survey of Sources

2. Chiu-Yu Cheng

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Independence of Tonal Features in Chinese

3. Teh-yuan Cheng

Hwakang Arts School
The Study of Chinese Music in the United States

4. Te-Fu Huang

National Cheng-chi University
The Political Counter-Elite in Prewar Mainland China and Taiwan 1919~45): A Comparative Study

5. Gregory James

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
An Annotated Critical Edition of the Dizionario Portoghese-Cinese(c.1583) by Matteo Ricci and Michele Ruggieri, with the Assistance of Chung Ming-jen("Brother Sebastian")

6. Lun Ngai-ha Ng

The Chinese University Hong Kong
A Database of Traditional Chinese Texts of Wei-jin and the Northern and Southern Dybasties (220-589 AD)

7. Benjamin Tsou

City University of Polytechnic of Hong Kong
Language Variation in Chinese Communities: Database and Comparative Study

8. Cheng-sheng Tu

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
A Short History of the Bronze Age Collection of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm

9. Ch'iu-kuei Wang

National Tsing Hwa University
Chinese Regional Theatre in Its Social and Ritual Contexts

10.Shu-Hwei Wang

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
Women in Modern Chinese History

11. Ching-tsuen Yi

Sun Yat-sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy, Academia Sinica
Development of Private Colleges:AStudy of Institutional Transition

B. Publication Subsidies

1. Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

Shu-Hwei Wang
Women in Modern Chinese History

2. National Cheng-chi University

Shih-shung Yang
A Project on Chinese Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Life

3. Sun Yat-sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy, Academia Sinica

Publication of Sheng Hsuen-huai Papers

C. Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

1. National Normal University

Wu-Dien Wu
Series of Conference on Special Education

2. National Taiwan University

Shou-jon Chang
International Symposium on the History of Taiwan during Japanese Rule 1895-1945


Recipients in the American Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Augustana College

Don Erickson
Enhancing the Study of Chinese Language and Literature

2. Colby University

Lee Feigon
Staff Expansion for Chinese Art Instruction

3. College of William and Mary

Howard M. Fraser
New Faculty in Chinese Language and Literature

4. Columbia University

Ping-sheng Yen Chin
Establishment of the Dr. Y.C. James Yen Archives in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University

5. National Humanities Center

W. Robert Connor
Chiang Ching-kuo Visiting Scholars at the National Humanities Center

6. North Carolina State University

Jonathan Ocko
Years Support for Lecturer in Chinese at North Carolina State University

7. Rice University

Richard Smith
Proposal for a three-year faculty position in Chinese Literature with an emphasis on Buddhism

8. Rutgers University

Ching-I Tu
Staff Expansion and Curricular Development in Chinese Studies

9. State University of New York at Albany

Charles Hartman
Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Language and Literature

10. State University of New York at Binghamton

John Chaffee
Expansions of Chinese Language Instruction for the Liberal Arts and Management

11. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

Fernando Torres de la Torre
Programs in Chinese Studies

12. University of Alabama

Ronald Robel
Staff Expansion in Asian Studies-Humanities

13. University of British Columbia

Pitman Potter
Enhancement of Resources For Teaching the Law of Taiwan, Republic of China, at University of British Columbia Law Faculty

14. University of Colorado at Boulder

Paul W. Kroll
Faculty Enhancement for Chinese Program

15. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Thomas R. H. Havens
New Teaching Position in Traditional Chinese Literature

16. University of Montana

Philip West
The Enhancement of Teaching Resources In Chinese Studies And The Professional Exchange With The Republic of China

17. University of Notre Dame

David Ladouceur
Enhancing Chinese Studies at Notre Dame

18. University of Victoria

Joseph Kess
Seed Money to Establish a Position in Chinese Language and Linguistics

B. Research Grants

1. Bruce H.Billing

History of Technology in Taiwan in the Early 1900's- Straw Rope/Bag and Sisal Industry

2. Jo-shui Chen

University of British Columbia
The Confucian Revival in Mid-T'ang China (750-850)) and the Origins of Neo-Confucianism

3. Yu-shih Chen

University of Alberta
Women as Object of Ideology: Old Spectacle and New Social Space

4. John F. Copper

Rhodes College
Political Development and the "Ethnic" Problem in the Republic of China

5. Antonio S. Cua

Catholic University of America
Tradition, Virtues and Principles: Toward a Confucian Theory

6. Rita S. and Bernard Gallin

Michigan State University
Development and Chang in Rural Taiwan: A Longitudinal Micro Study in Macro Perspective

7. John W. Garver

Georgia Institute of Technology
The United States-Republic of China Alliance, 1950-1978

8. T.H.Gindling

University of Maryland at Baltimore County
The Nine Year Compulsory Education Policy and the Development of Human Resources Taiwan; 1976-1989

9. Norman Giradot

Lehigh University
James Legge (1815-1897) and the Victorian Encounter with China

10. Melvin J. Hinich

University of Texas at Austin
A Spatial Analysis of Electoral Competion in Taiwan

11. Jae-Dong Han

University of Western Ontario
Monetary History of Modern China I: The Postwar Era

12. Marilyn Levine

Lewis Clark State University
The Kuo Min Tang in Europe During the Twenties

13. Robert Lipsey

National Bureau of Economic Research
Changing Methods of Taiwan's Entry Into World Markets

14. Jonathan K. Ocko

North Carolina State University
Finding Common Ground: Mediation in Chinese Society

15. Frank Shulman

"Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia, 1976-1990: A Bobliography of Studies in Western Languages." Compiled and Edited by Frank Joseph Shulman, with contributions by P. Polansky & Anna Shulman

16. Cecile Sun

University of Pittsburgh
The Lyrical Scene: Chinese Perspective on Poetry Comparing Chinese and Anglo-American Poetry

17. Pang-Hsin Ting

University of California at Berkeley
The Phonology of the Oracle Bone Inscriptions

18. David Der-wei Wang

Columbia University
Chinese Literary Modernization: 1851-1937

19. E. Leong Way

University of California at San Francisco
Science and Civilization in China-Pharmacy and Pharmacology

20. Thomas Wilson

Hamilton College
Canonizing (ts'ung) the Sages in the Confucian Temple (K'ung Miao) and Neo-Comfucian Construction of the Confucian Tradition of the Tao (Tao t'ung)

21. Shawn Wong

University of Washington
Chinese Immigration And Naturalization Service Records Data Base Project for Seattle, Washington

22. David Y.H. Wu

East-West Center
Chinese Childhood Socialization:Comparative Study of Chinese Cultural Indentity in Asia and in the United States

23. S.S.G. Wu

Texas A&M University
China's Security Decision-Making: To Use or Not to use Force in the Domestic and International Arenas

24. Anne Yue-Hashimoto

University of Washington
Lexical Diffusion in Chinese Grammar

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Claudia Brown

Phoenix Art Museum
International Symposium: Painting at the close of China's Empire, 1796-1911

2. Samuel Chang-ling Chu

Ohio State University
The Continuing Relevance of Traditional Chinese Institutions and Values in the Context of Modern China: From Yuan Dynasty to the Republican Period (13th to 20th Centuries)

3. Michael LaFargue

University of Massachusetts at Boston
Two Seminars, Comparing Pre-Han Confucian and Taoist Classics to Several New Testaments Writings, and to Several Platonic Dialogues, Respectively

4. Charles Le Blanc

University de Montreal
Joint European-American Committee for Cooperation in East Asian Studies: Civil Society in Modern Asia

5. Paul Liu

University of Washington
The Conference on Environmental Law and Management

6. Hsiao-peng Lu

University of California at Los Angeles
Second Conference of the American Association of Chinese Comparative Literature "Rethinking Critical Theory and Chinese Literary Studies"

7. Peter Sturman

University of California at Santa Barbara
"Interpreting the Mountain in Medieval China" - An Interdisciplinary Humanities Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara

8. Paul Michael Taylor

National Museum of Natural History
"Hell Scrolls" of Taiwan: Proposed Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition with Public Programs

9. Ellen Widmer

Yale University
Women and Literature in Ming-Qing China

D. Publication Subsidies

1. Princeton University Press

Margaret Case
Publication of Wai-yee Li, Enchantment and disenchantment: Love and Illusion in Chinese Literature

2. Princeton University Press

Margaret Case
Publication of Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults in Southeast China By Kenneth Dean

3. Wellesley College

Edward Gulick
Publication subsidy for the book-length manuscript --"Glimpses into pre-Maoist China: a photo-memoir of the 1930's

E. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Yuan-ling Chao

University of California at Los Angeles
Medicine and the Transmission of Knowledge in Late Imperial China: Physicians from Suzhou

2. Lucille Chia

Columbia University
Commercial Printers of the Yianyang Area (Fujian), Song-Ming

3. Sarah E. Fraser

University of California at Berkeley
The Artist's Practice in Tang Dynasty China and How New Stylistic and Technical Trends Found in Dunhuang Sketchbooks Reflect Culture

4. Kristine M. Harris

Columbia University
Children of Troubled Times: Nation, Gender and the Emergent Film Culture of Modern China:1925-1937

5. Christopher M. Isett

University of California at Los Angeles
Agricultural History of Manchuria and South China: A Comparative Study of Cropping Systems

6. Teri J. Silvio

University of Chicago
Televised Folk Opera, Spectatorship, and Gender Identity in Taiwanese Culture

7. Dorothy C. Wong

Harvard University
Public Religious Monuments: Chinese Buddhist Steles of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-581)

8. Lydia Miin-Ling Yu

New York University
The Impact of the Soviet Experience on Chinese Students in the USSR, 1921-1935

9. Fang Zhu

Columbia University
Civil-military Relations in Mao's China

F. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Robert F. Campany

Indiana University
Chinese Accounts of the Strange (zhi-guai) and Local Shrines and Temples in the Early Medieval Period

2. Grace S. Fong

McGill University
Between Gender and Genre: The Flight of the Feminine in Premodern Chinese Poetry

3. Norman Girardot

Lehigh University
James Legge (1815-1897) and the Victorian Encounter with China

4. Thomas G. Rawski

University of Pittsburgh
Reform and Innovation in Chinese Industry

5. Gilbert F. Rozman

Princeton University
Regionalism and Realignment in Northeast Asia

6. Lyman P. Van Slyke

Stanford University
The Life and Death of Liang Chi (1859-1918)

7. Daniel B. Stevenson

Butler University
The Rites of the Four Samadhis in Chinese Tien-tai Buddhism

G. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Mei-chih Laura Chang

University of Hawaii
The Representation and the Parametric Variations of Tones in Chinese Language: A Prosodic Theory of Tone

2. Chyi-mei Chen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
An Equilibrium Model for Price Changes and Trading Volume: with Evidence of Taiwan Stock Market

3. Daniel Shiangyen Chen

University of Virginia
Transfer of U.S. Technolgy to other Countries: Law and National Security of U.S. Unilateral Export Controls and Cocom Multilateral Export Controls

4. Jingmei Chen

University of California at Los Angeles
The Dream World of the Yearning Maidens: A Reception Study of the Peony Pavilion among Women in the Late Imperial China

5. Mingder Chung

New York University
The Aesthetics and Politics of the Little Theatre Movement in Taiwan

6. Chen-ray Fang

Johns Hopkins University
Corporate Investment in the Newly Industrialized Countries: Evidence from Taiwanese Firms

7. Wen-Rwei Hsu

Columbia University
Autonomy and Integration

8. Jinlin L. Huang

University of California at Los Angeles
Symbol, Value, and Power: A Cultural Study of the May Fourth Discourse, 1915-1923

9. Anchi Lin

Harvard University
Expanding through Non-Economic Linkage: Social and Cultural Bases of Private Corporate Expansion in Taiwan

10. Liyu Lin

Northwestern University
The Rationality of Voting: A Case Study of Taiwan

11. The-chang Lin

Northern Illinois University
Communist China's Foreign Aid Policy: A Theoretical Analysis

12. Wen-cheng Lin

Tufts University
Political Integration and Democratization: the Case of Taiwan

13. Yu-chen Lin

University of Minnesota
The Poetics of Alterity in James Joyce's Ulysses

14. Ch'iu-ti Liu

Yale University
Passionate Enlightenment: Love and Knowledge in Ming and Qing Conversion Stories

15. Tai-Hwa Emily Lu

University of Oregon
Adaptive Behavior of the Mentally Retarded in Taiwan, ROC

16. Shuh-ren Mao

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Legal Aspect of Outbound Investment in Taiwan

17. Wen-Yeu Wang

Stanford University
Corporate Investment Company Versus Unitary Investment Fund: An Evaluation of Governance Structure and International Competitiveness

18. Agnes Chew-chung Wu

University of Iowa
A Cross-cultural, Cross-national Study of the Family Caregiver Burden of a Severly Mentally Ill Member

19. Cynthia Hsin-feng Wu

Harvard University
"If Triangles were Circles…."- A Study of Counterfactuals in Chinese and in English


Recipients in the European Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Leiden University

W. L. Idema
Dr. Hu Shih Visiting Professorship

2. Maison Rhone-Alpes des Sciences de l'Homme

Christian Henriot
Taiwan Area Documentation and Research Project

3. South Bank Polytechnic

John G. Taylor
Development and Improvement of Teaching and Research on the Republic of China

4. University of Durham

K. L. Pratt
Research Fellowship in Chinese Art and Archaeology

5. University of Durham

K. L. Pratt
Durham University Library Enhancement

6. University of Heidelberg

Rudolf G. Wagner
Distinguished Lectureship: Culture and Society in Contemporary

7. University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot

Ian McMorran
China and Other Countries in the Zone of Chinese Influence in the Seventeenth Century: Development of the Seventeenth-Century East Asian Research Centre

8. University of Wien

Erich Pilz
Modern China: Social and Intellectual History Library Acquisitions

B. Research Grants

1. Myriam Bongers

Royal Museum of Art and History
Research on Album of 70 Portraits of Famous Chinese Personalities

2. Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard

University of Copenhagen
Danish-Chinese Relations, 1723-1990

3. Roland Felber

Humboldt-Universitat Berlin
Images of Germany as Reflected by Chinese Intellectuals during the First Half of the 20th Century Studies and Documentation

4. Georges Goormaghtigh

University of Geneva
Major Texts and Themes of the Art of the Qin

5. Alan Hunter

University of Leeds
Religion in Modern China

6. Francoise Kreissler

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
Central European Refugees in Shanghai, 1933-1949

7. A. V. Pantsov

Russian Academy of Sciences
Leon Trotsky and the Chinese Revolution (The History of the Trotskyist Movement in China)

8. L. S. Perelomov

Russian Academy of Sciences
Publication of "LUN-YU" in Russian with Textological Researches, Commentaries, Parallel Comparisons and A Thorough Analysis of the Part Played by Confucius in the Chinese Spiritual Culture

9. D. Rimmington

University of Leeds
Research on the Contemporary Theatre of Taiwan

C. Publication Subventions

1. Bibliotheque Nationale

Monique Cohen
Impressions de Chine(A Millennium of Chinese Printing)

2. Monumenta Serica Institute

Roman Malek
Publication of the General Index to Monumenta Serica, Journal of Oriental Studies, Vols. I-XXXV

D. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Johannes Ludwig Kurz

University of Heidelberg
Confidence in the Beginning, Doubt in the End: The "Faction" as An Organizing Principle in the Sung Historiography on the Southern T'ang

2. Peirre Kaser

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
The Vernacular Fiction of Li Yu (1610-1680)

3. Tiziana Lippiello

Leiden University
Auspicious Omens, from Mythology to Dynastic History

4. Sandrine Marchand

University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot
A Study of the Paop'utzu Waip'ien

5. Robert John Neather

University of Cambridge
A Stylistic Study of the T'ang Personal Fu

E. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Nicola Di Cosmo

University of Cambridge
Ch'ing Administration in Central Asia in the Early 19th Century

2. Frederic Obringer

College de France
An Historical and Anthropological Study of Cosmetics and Ferfumes in Imperial China

3. Sybesma Rint

Leiden University
Subject in Mandarin Chinese

4. Alexei Volkov

College de France
Philosophical Background of Ancient Chinese Mathematics


Recipients in the Asia-Pacific Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grant

1. Australian National University

Jonathan Unger
Taiwan Area Studies Program

2. University of Waikato

K. G. Henshall
Lectureship in Chinese Studies

B. Subsidy for Publication Grant

1. Oriental Ceramics Society of the Philippines

Rita Liong-yu Ching
Chinese and Southeast Asian White Wares Found in the Philippines