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Grant Recipients, 1990-1991

Grant Recipients, 1990-1991


Recipients in the American Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Association for Asian Studies

Joseph W. Esherick
Promotion of Scholarly Contract, Networks and Collaboration in Chinese Studies

2. Bryn Mawr College

Theresa J. Ko
Enhancement of Chinese Language Program at Bryn Mawr College

3. Duke University

Nan Lin
Institutional Enhancement for Chinese Studies at Duke

4. Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Chi-chiang Huang
Institutional Enhancement- Chinese Language Program Development

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Isabella De Courtivron
Chinese Language, Literature and Culture Program (Mandarin)

6. McGill University

Sandra Buckley
Full Professor/Directorship in Chinese Studies, Centre for East Asian Studies, McGill University

7. Skidmore College

Phyllis A. Roth
Bridge Appointment for Chinese Studies Program

8. Stanford University

Lyman P. Van Slyke
Stanford University: Matching Funds For Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Early China

9. University of California at Davis

K.C. Liu
Proposal for a Sinologist-Historian of a Pre-modern Period

10. University of California at Irvine

Pauline Yu
Assistant Professor of Chinese Thought

11. University of Houston

Dennis J. Parle
Establishment of Program in Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Houston

12. University of Kansas

Timothy F. Mitchell
Program for the Development of Chinese Art History at the University of Kansas

13. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hsi-Sheng Chi
Institutional Enhancement for Chinese Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

14. University of South Carolina

Carol McGinnis Kay
New Faculty Position: Chinese Culture, Language and Literature

15. University of Toronto

C.W.Kennth Keng
Institutional Enhancement Program for Studies of Modern China

16. University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

David D. Buck
Faculty Position in Chinese Politics

17. Wake Forest University

Janice Bardsley
East Asian Consortium

18. Yale University

Paul Schultz
Simon Kuznets Memorial Lecture Endowment

B. Research Grants

1. William P. Alford

Harvard University
The Research Program in Chinese Legal History

2. Kang Chao

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Grain Yields in China, 1700-1952

3. King C Chen

Rutgers University
How the Chinese Communists Negotiate

4. Tun-jen Cheng

University of California at San Diego
Organization Capacity of the KMT in Early Postwar Taiwan

5. Kenneth Dean

McGill University
A Comparative Study of Taoist Ritual Traditions and Liturgical Manuscripts from Taiwan and Fukien

6. Hill Gates

Central Michigan University
Class and Women's Labor in Japanese Taiwan

7. Hao Jia

Chinese Scholars of Political Science and International Studies, Inc.
"Changing Central-Local Relationship in China: 1979-1990"

8. Dale W. Jorgenson

Harvard University
Productivity and International Competitiveness in Taiwan, Japan and the United States

9. Lawrence R Klein

University of Pennsylvania
Evaluation of the US-Taiwan Trade Agreement and Its Impact on Trade Flows

10. Joseph S. M. Lau

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Taiwan Fiction Since Mid-1950s: A Historical Survey

11. Robert M. Marsh

Brown University
Social Structure and Change in Taipei, Taiwan, 1963-1991

12. Emerson M.S. Niou

Duke University
A Game Theoretical Analysis of the Security Issues in the Taiwan Straits

13. Jerry D. Schmidt

University of British Columbia
The Poetry of Lu You

14. Betty Lee Sung

Archival Records of Early Chinese Immigrants-Resource Materials For Historical Research

15. William Tay

University of California at San Diego
Chinese Films from Taiwan: A Critical History

16. Shou-hsin Teng

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Compilation of a Chinese-English Dictionary of Synonyms

17. James Tong

University of California at Los Angeles
Collective Action in Mainland China and Taiwan, 1983-1988

18. Wensheng Wang

Princeton University
A History of Chinese Literary Thought, Volume

19. John E. Wills

University of Southern California
Taiwan Historical and Cultural Studies: Conferences and Working Papers

20. Ho-Mou Wu

Tulane University
The Exchange Rate and Price in a Financially Open Economy

21. Benjamin Yang

Harvard University
Relations Between the KMT and CCP, 1921-1990

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Gene Hsin Chang

Chinese Young Economist Society
The Sixth Annual Conference of the Chinese Young Economists

2. Yun-han Chu

Columbia University
American Political Science Association Conference Group on Taiwan Studies Conference Proposal

3. Howard Goldblatt

University of Colorado at Boulder
Conference on Contemporary Chinese Fiction form Taiwan

4. Chi Huang

Texas A&M University
Conference on "Permutations Across the Taiwan Strait: Historical, Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives"

5. C. Montgomery

University of Pittsburgh
Broaded Expansion of Bilateral Cooperation: University of Pittsburgh and National Taiwan University

6. Jason Parker

American Council of Learned Societies
Chiang Ching-kuo Fellowships in Chinese Studies

7. Kidder Smith

Bowdoin College
1991 New England Symposium on Chinese Thought

8. Richard L. Walker

University of South Carolina
"The Twentieth Sino-American Conference on Contemporary China"

9. David D.W. Wang

Columbia University
Rethinking the Heritage of Chinese Fiction A Symposium in Honor of C.T.Hsia

10.Steven Van Zoeren

Stanford University
Conference on Literary and Scriptural Hermeneutics in Traditional China

D. Publication Subsidies

1. Patricia Buckley

Princeton University Press
Confucianism and Family Rituals In Imperial Chian: Asocial History of Writing About Rites

2. Tao-tai Hsia

Library of Congress
Republic of China Law Research Publications and Exchange Project

3. Robert D. Mowry

Harvard University
Chinese Brown-and Black-glazed Ceramics of the Sung, Chin, and Yuan Dynasties

4. E.G. Pulleyblank

University of British Columbia
Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation in Early Middle Chinese, Late Middle Chinese, and Early Mandarin

5. Jerry D.Schmidt

University of British Columbia
Stone Lake: The Poetry of Fan Chengda

E. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Melissa J. Brown

University of Washington
Cultural Variation on the Tainan Plain

2. Mary Anne Cartelli

Columbia University
A Buddhist Poetics of Dunhuang: An Examination of the Popular Buddhist Songs from the Dunhuang Manuscripts

3. Elissa Cohen

Yale University
Cheng-kuan's Conception of Enlightenment: The Culmination of the Hua-yen Tradition in China

4. Kyle P. Heide

Indiana University
Nanguan Music Association in Taipei: Aesthetics and Cultural Identity in Transformation

5. Robin B. Kornman

Princeton University
Translation of the Gesar Epic in Paris: Bibliographic Research and Supervised Study of the Dialects of Tibetan Narrative Verse

6. Chi-kong Lai

University of California at Davis
Officials, Merchants and Resource Allocation in China's First Business Corporation, 1872-1902

7. Charles L Leary

Cornell University
Zhang Jingsheng in France: Anarchism, Aesthetics, and Sexuality for a Chinese Abroad, 1912-1921

8. Ankeney Weitz

University of Kansas
Collecting, Connoisseurship, and the Return to the Past in Early Yuan China: Chou Mi's Yun-yen kuo-yen lu

9. Susan H. Whiting

University of Michigan
Power and Wealth in the Chinese Township: The Political Economy of Local Enterpreneurship

10. Jian Yuan

Yale University
Private Property and Socialist Economy--Development of Private Enterprise in China

F. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Myron L. Cohen

Columbia University
Family and Society in Rural China: A Comparison of Three Villages

2. Yi-tsi M. Feuerwerker

University of Michigan
The Changing Representation of the Writer/Intellectual Self and the Peasant Other in Modern Chinese Literature

3. Shigehisa Kuriyama

Emory University
The Nature and Origins of Strangeness: Conceptions of the Body in Classical Greek and Chinese Medicine

4. James Z. Lee

California Institute of Technology
Population and Social Structure of Qing Imperial Clan

5. Kenneth L. Pomeranz

University of California at Irvine
State, Gentry, and Non-Orthodox Religion in North China, 1500-1945

6. Ernest P. Young

University of Michigan
The French Religious Protectorate and the Catholic Church in China

G. Bilateral Cooperation Grants

1. James Lee

California Institute of Technology
The Population and Social Structure of Beijing and Shenyang: The Imperial Clansmen 1640-1920

2. Martin Powers

University of Michigan
Concept Research System for Terminology in Art and Literature

H. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Chihyu (Jason) Chan

University of Texas at Austin
Estimating the Latent Trait from the Likert-Type Data: A Comparison of Confirmation Factor Analysis, Item Response Theory and Multidimensional Scaling

2. Liang-yu Chien

Tulane University
Evaluation and Expectation of Joint Custody- In Whose Best Interest Is It

3. Wen-shwo Fang

University of Connecticut
An Investigation of the Demand for Money: The Taiwan Experience

4. Alfred Ko-wei Hu

University of Chicago
Education and Career: Changing Patterns of Social Mobility in Taiwan's Economic Development

5. Liangwen (Wayne) Kuo

University of California at Los Angeles
Petty Capitalist Formation and Social Inequality in Taiwan

6. Esther Tsuey-fen Lee

University of Iowa
The Representations of Working-Class Women in British Novel (1885-1914)

7. Yuh-Jyn Lin

Rice University
Exploring Some Renaissance Texts: Against Theorizations

8. Keng Ling

SUNY at Stony Brook
Lay Security of Attachment and Preschoolers' Mood Induceability

9. Ser-Min Shei

Columbia University
Social Primary Goods, Welfare and Capabilities

10. Shwu-Jane Shieh

Johns Hopkins University
Dynamic Large Games With Application in Certain Financial Markets

11. Leei Shih

Saint Louis University
Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration on English Education

12. Tung-wen Sun

Kent State University
Public Administration in Taiwan: The State-of-the-art

13. Jowen R. Tung

Columbia University
Resurrected Voices: Female Consciousness and Sexuality in T'ung

14. Ay-ling Wang

Yale University
The Artistry of Hong sheng's "Changsheng Dian"

15. Vincent Wei-cheng Wang

University of Chicago
High Technology Trajectories, Industrial Upgrading, and the World Economy: Taiwan, Korea, Mexico and Brazil

16. Yann-Iee Wang

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Young China: The Historical Formation of Chinese Radicalism in 1920s

17. Ying-fen Wang

University of Pittsburgh
The Identity of Tunes and the Compositional Process in Nanguan Song Cycles


Recipients in the European Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. College de France

Kristofer Schipper
The Institute for Advanced Chinese Studies of the College de France Library Assistance Scheme

2. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Yves Chevrier
Institutional Enhancement for the Center for Documentation and Research on Contemporary China, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

3. Leiden University

Erik Zurcher
Visual Documentation Presentation of Traditional Chinese Culture

4. Leiden University

A. J. Saich
Library Renewal Plan

5. Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities

Jan Wirgin
Institutional Enhancement of the Far Eastern Library

6. Michael Loewe

Enhancement of Chinese Collections at the Needham Research Institute

7. Oxford University

Glen Dudbridge
Instructor in Chinese Language

8. University of Cambridge

D. L. McMullen
Lectureship in the Social Anthropology of China

9. University of Edinburgh

Bonnie S. McDougall
Chiang Ching-kuo Lectureship in Classical Chinese

10. University of Leeds

R. P. Carr
Library Program for the Acquisition of Materials Relating to the R.O. C. in the Field of Philosophy and Culture, Literature, Economy and Society and Specific Aspects of History from 1911

11. University of London

T. H. Barrett
Establishment of Lectureship in the History of Chinese Science and Medicine

12. University of Oslo

Elisabeth Eide
Library Assistance. Bibliographical Help in Cataloging the Old Chinese Collection at the Royal University Library

B. Research Grants

1. Jean Francois Billeter

University of Geneva
Chinese and Comparative Philosophy

2. Leonard Blusse

Leiden University
Southeastern China and Its Relations with the Nanyang

3. Joseph Needham

Needham Research Institute
Science and Civilization in China: History of Medicine

4. G. I. Takachenko

Russian Academy of Sciences
Soviet Influence in Manchuria

C. Publication Subventions

1. French Association for Chinese Studies

Pierre-Etienne Will
Aid to the Publication of the Journal Etudes Chinoises

2. Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities

Jan Wirgin
The Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities

3. Needham Research Institute

Colin Alistair Ronan
The Shorter Science and Civilization in China

D. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Oliver James Moore

University of Cambridge
Social History of Civil Service Examinations under the Late T'ang

2. Yeu-farn Wang

Stockholm University
China's Hundred-Year State-Science Relations