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Grant Recipients, 1989-1990

Grant Recipients, 1989-1990

Recipients in the Domestic Region

A. Research Grants

1. Min-cheng Chang

Taiwan Provincial Family Planning Institute
Social Changes in Taiwan, the Family and Reproductivity

2. Yung-tang Chang

National Tsing-hwa University
The History of Science and the Intellectual History of China

3. Hong Hsu

National Taiwan University
A Collaborative Research Project for the Collection of manuscripts on Taiwan History and the Compilation of a Bibliography on Colonial Taiwan History

4. Kuo-tai Hu

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
Chinese Law and Criminal Punishment

5. Cheng-shu Kao

Tunghai University
The Social Foundation of Medium and Small Business in Taiwan

6. Chi-yuan Liang

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica
An Analysis of the Overall Effectiveness and the Cost Effectiveness of Taiwan Environmental Protection Policy

B. Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

1. Council of Cultural Planning and Development

Conference on Chinese Literature and Translation

2. Fu-jen University

Nicolas Kang
Second International Conference on Religion and Literature

3. National Cheng-chi University

Da-Hsien Si Tu
The Taiwan Experience in the Internationalization of Enterprises

4. National Taiwan University

Yen Hwa
Structure Changes in the Developing Countries

5. Taiwan Normal University

Wu-tien Wu
Series of Conference on Special Education

6. Tamkang University

Jui-teng Li
Chinese Literature in Southeast Asia

C. Publication Subventions

1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Eva Huang
Renditions: Special Issue on Contemporary Taiwan Literature

2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Eva Huang
Contemporary Women Writers: Hong Kong & Taiwan a Renditions Paperback(Translation)

3. Chung-Hwa Institute for Economic Research

Sou-chieh Chiang
The Economics Development of the Republic of China in Taiwan


Recipients in the American Region

A. Institutional Enhancement Grants

1. Brown University

James Wrenn
Development of Faculty Resources in Chinese Studies

2. Carleton College

Elizabeth McKinsey
Program in Chinese Studies

3. Columbia University

Gerald Fetner
Establishing a Term Chair in Oriental Humanities to Honor Professor William de Bary

4. Cornell University

Charles Peterson
Enhancement of Research and Teaching Capabilities in Chinese Studies at Cornell University

5. Florida State University

Anthony Koo
Seed Money to Initiate Two One-Semester Courses

6. George Washington University

James Millar
Institutional Enhancement Projects

7. Harvard University

Eugene Wu
The Acquisition of the 25 Dynasties Historical Database

8. Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Chi-chiang Huang
Supporting the Journal of Ming Studies

9. Journal of Chinese Linguistics

Zhongwei Shen
Enhancement of the Journal of Chinese Linguistics

10. Michigan State University

Jack Williams
Strengthening of Taiwan Studies Group, AAS

11. Michigan State University

Jack Williams
Enhancement Proposal on Chinese Studies

12. Northern State University

Richard Chuang
First Step Toward a Chinese Studies Program

13. Society for Qing Studies

James Lee
Research and Publication on Late Imperial China

14. Stanford University

Lyman Van Slyke
Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Taipei, Administered by Stanford

15. University of Maryland at Baltimore County

Michael Kelly
Strengthening Chinese Curriculum and Chinese Law Collection at Law School

16. University of Pittsburgh

Keith Brown
Preliminary Proposal: Institutional Enhancement on Chinese Studies

17. University of Virginia

Ronald Dimberg
Chinese Studies Program

B. Research Grants

1. Ling-yeong Chiu

Instituto Universitario Oriental, Rome
Encyclopedia of Chinese History and Culture

2. John Fei

Yale University
Economic Development in a Spatial Perspective

3. Gary Gereffi

Duke University
The Organizational Bases of International Competitiveness

4. A. James Gregor

University of California at Berkeley
The Reunification of China: Problems and Prospects

5. Shu-ming Huang

Iowa State University
Health and Healing in Rural Taiwan

6. Daisy Hung

University of California at Riverside
International Research Project in Chinese Neurolinguistics

7. Wen Lang Li

Ohio State University
Human Resources Development in a Confucian State: Taiwan 1965-88

8. William Parish

University of Chicago
Chinese Family Assistance

9. John Shoven

Stanford University
Comparative Studies of Financial Markets and the Cost of Capital

10. Margaret Mian Yan Sung

Indiana University
A Linguistic Survey of Taiwan/Fukien

11. Hung-chao Tai

University of Detroit
Modernization and Depoliticization in Taiwan

12. Pan Yotopoulos

Stanford University
Trade and Industrial Policies for Economic Development

13. Ann Yue-Hashimoto

University of Washington
Comparative Chinese Dialectal Grammar

C. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

1. Julia Ching

University of Toronto
33rd International Congress of Asian & North African Studies

2. Edward Farmer

University of Minnesota
Seminars on Moving China to the Center

3. Wen Fong

China Institute in America
International Symposium on Chinese Glass

4. James Huang

Cornell University
Summer Institute of Chinese Linguistics

5. Yu-ning Li

The International Society for the Study of Hu Shih
Hu Shih and His Friends

6. Wen Lang Li

American Association for Chinese Studies
The American Association for Chinese Studies Annual Seminars

7. Stephen MacKinnon

Arizona State University
Understanding Chinese Painting of the Nineteenth Century

D. Dissertation Fellowships

1. Jean Ann

University of Arizona
The Structural Properties of Handshape in Chinese Sign Language

2. Marie Guarino

Columbia University
The Lectures from the Classics Mat: The Impact of Historical and Philosophical Discourse on Government Practices in Northern Sung

3. Marta Hanson

University of Pennsylvania
Heat-factor Theories about Epidemics During the Ming and Ching Dynasties: Medical Scholarticism or Therapeutics

4. Emily Hill

Cornell University
Government Control of Industry Through Management of an Electric Power Plant in Guangzhou from 1930-1958

5. Tik-sang Liu

University of Pittsburgh
Occupation Specialization and Stigma in a Southern Chinese Oyster Raising Community

6. Margaret Maurer-Fazio

University of Pittsburgh
The Economics of Education in the PRC and a Comparison of Efficiency of Educational Investment in the Chinese Society

E. Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Guy Alitto

University of Chicago
Local History of and Economically Peripheral Area:Wanxi During the Republic (1911-1949)

2. Donald Harper

Bowdoin College
Ma Wang-tui Medical Manuscripts and Classical Chinese Medicine

3. Victor Nee

Cornell University
The Peasant Economy of China After Market Reform

4. David Rolston

University of Michigan
Traditional Chinese Fiction Criticism and the Development of the Novel in China

5. Keith Schoppa

Valparaiso University
Arenas of Revolution: Shen Dingyi and Chinese Society 1916-1928

6. Ted Strickmann

University of California at Berkeley
Apocalyptic Literature of Medieval China

F. Bilateral Cooperation Grants

1. University of California at Davis

K. C. Liu
Davis-Nankang Project on Chinese History: Sinological and Comparative Perspective

2. University of Washington

John Haley ROC Legal Studies

3. University of Washington

Hok-lam Chan

Faculty Enhancement on Chinese Studies

G. R.O.C. PhD Dissertation Fellowships

1. Hui-chen Chan

Georgetown University
Language Shift in Taiwan: Social & Political Determinants

2. Chun-I Chen

Tulane University
Underground Financing: Unregulated Banking & Finance in Taiwan

3. Chun-yin Chen

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Comp, Infl, and Reindexing in Universal Grammar

4. Ping-chun Hsiung

University of California at Los Angeles
The Everyday Construction of an Economic Miricle: A Case Study of Taiwan's Satellite Manufacturing System

5. Ching-chane Huang

University of Maryland at College Park
Opposition Movements in One-Party Dominant Quasi-Democratic Countries: Taiwan & Mexico as Two Examples

6. Shu-jen Huang

University of Wisconsin at Madison
The Becoming of Max Weber's Sociology: The Religion of China as a Key

7. Muo-ying Li

Stanford University
The Impact of Alternative Scoring Methods on Multiple True-False Items

8. Kuang-sheng Shih

University of California at Los Angeles
Theatrical Conventions of Yuan Tsa-chu

9. Fu-wen Tseng

University of Toronto
The Political Economy of China's Coastal Development Strategy: Domestic Politics & International Economic Policy, 1979-88

10. Dah-jyh Wang

University of Michigan
The Ritual Art of the Spring and Autumn Period - A Study on History and History of Art

11. Ming-chung Win

Rutgers University
The External Imbalance--the Case of Taiwan

12. Chan-liang Wu

Yale University
Modern Chinese Thinkers' Inquiry into the Nature, Limits, & Meaning of Western Knowledge Systems, 1917-1949