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CCK-IUC Activities for the Japanese Translations of Chinese Literature Book Series

Jul 07, 2017

被壓抑的現代性Through the years, the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinology (CCK-IUC), under the leadership of Professor David Der-wei Wang of Harvard University, has worked to publish a series of Japanese translations of books by leading Taiwanese scholars, a cooperative project with Professor Ying-che Huang of Aichi University plus the Toho Bookstore. Members of the Editorial Board include leading scholars such as David Der-wei Wang, Chin-shing Huang, Ying-che Huang, and Yu-ju Hung. At present, three volumes have been published, namely translations of works by Fu-chang Wang, Hsiao-hung Chang, and David Der-wei Wang. This project should stimulate great interest on the part of Japanese scholars and elites, thereby enhancing Japanese understanding of Taiwanese academic and cultural traditions, plus the worldviews expressed in modern Taiwanese literature and Chinese culture as a whole.

The publication of these works in Japanese has also been accompanied by a series of visits by Fu-chang Wang, Hsiao-hung Chang and David Der-wei Wang, who were invited by Ying-che Huang to take part in international scholarly events at Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Tohoku University (Sendai), and The University of Tokyo, including a colloquium featuring Fu-chang Wang and the renowned Waseda University Taiwan historian Masahiro Wakabayashi, all of which served to present the beauty of Chinese Studies in Taiwan as well as Taiwanese literary traditions.


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